Common Questions about The White German Shepherds

Common Questions about The White German Shepherds
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White German Shepherd DogsAlthough, the White German shepherd is a beautiful dog, it’s also one of the most misunderstood breeds ever. Before buying this puppy, you should firstly get some facts straight. For this reason, it is advisable to do some previous research. It’s the only way to clear out all doubts.

So, keep reading and learn more about this amazing dog breed.

Do White German Shepherds derive from another breed: the German Shepherd?

  • Technically no, in fact, they are considered a separate breed. How come?

Apparently, there’s a recessive gene in the German Shepherd, which colors this breed white. It is a gene that runs in some standard German shepherds. As a consequence, they descend directly from the colored dogs.

However, since 1930, experts had been debating the origin of this white breed. The truth is that for some, the white German shepherd was no way related to the standard German one. Yet, after a long research of 50 years, experts have finally reached the conclusion that the White German shepherd is actually a separate breed.

With that, two clubs of white German shepherds supporters were opened between 1970 and 1999.

Differences Between this White Dog and The Standard One

Well, the standard German shepherd has a muscular build and is considered a big dog (67 cm long). This breed usually weighs around 40 kg and has erect ears. The problem with this dog is that it may shed a lot of fur but it doesn’t matter when you have such a protective puppy at home. Many people see the German shepherd as a loving pet.

White German Shepherd and Standard German Shepherd

As regards its counterpart, the white German shepherd, it can be born white but some are born cream-colored too. Some breeds have double coating which protect them from cold, but this feature is, however, absent in many of them. Their fur is generally stiff and longer than their peers. Contrary to popular belief, it’s considered out of the breed standard.

In a Word, What Makes them White, then?

As with the black German shepherd, this breed is originated by a recessive gene that makes its fur white. The main difference between this white dog and its counterpart, the black German shepherd is essentially the way this gene acts. Ultimately, in the white shepherd, this gene is like a mask that blocks the true color of the dog. Black German shepherds are BLACK, thoroughly, that’s their true color.

Can this Breed Give Birth to Standard German Shepherds?

  • Without a doubt, yes, it can.

If you want to get only white German shepherd puppies, you have to breed two of them, two white dogs. But it is truthfully possible to produce colored doggies if a white and a standard German shepherd are bred. Likewise, the result will depend on the white gene proportion carried by the white breed. But 100% white-colored dogs will produce 100% white German shepherd puppies.

In some cases, the non-white also carries a proportion of the white gene. Under those circumstances, the chances of getting white or colored breeds are fifty-fifty.

If the non-white doesn’t have that gene, then all the puppies will be standard German shepherds.

The true color pattern of the white German shepherd remains unknown. Consequently, it is difficult to know what color the dogs will be after breeding to a colored puppy.

White German Ghepherd Puppies for Sale

Does this Dog Breed have Genetic Disorders?

  • Simply, no.

One of the most popular white German shepherd breeders, Max Von Stephanitz,said that this color had no clinical significance. In fact, he added it was useless for service.

He simply stated that this breed didn’t have a genetic disorder. Despite this, many people still think it is albino when it actually isn’t.

Myth Busters

Here are some myth busters associated to the previous point:

  • Myth Buster 1:

People refer to this dog as an albino animal. Of course, some German shepherds are albino but that’s not the case of this breed.

Recognizing an albino German shepherd is easy. You just have to look at its pink eyes and pale skin. Albino breeds have a pigmentation deficiency. The skin of white German shepherds is pink or black and there’s no sign of pigmentation deficiency in them since they have brown eyes and “normal” eye coloration.

The only truly white thing in them is the fur.

  • Myth Buster 2:

some people believe that breeding a standard German shepherd with a white one will not produce anything but colored German shepherds, or the opposite (pale colored puppies). This is not a true fact, actually.

This gene doesn’t fall into the dilute gene category. Researchers consider it as a masking gene, because it hides the true color of the white German shepherd. However, it can be deemed a diluting gene if it masks other colors such as blue or liver.

Baby White German Shepherd

  • Myth Buster 3:

it is proven that this gene is not associated to any disease that this breed could suffer. The gene is recessive and only causes the dog to be white.

Some white German shepherd breeders think it even causes the puppy to have poor health, but that’s false. Likewise, the gene bears no relation with the white German shepherd temperament either.

Both the white and the standard dog are prone to the hip and elbow dysplasia; the most common disease that impacts this dog’s health.

Is it Difficult to Find a Good White German Shepherd Breeder?

Sadly, many white German shepherd breeders are in the business to make money. Seeing this dog breed is uncommon, for this reason, breeders tend to overcharge for them. The price of a colored German shepherd is around $600 while white German shepherds for sale are worth $1000 (or more).

First off, make sure you know how to recognize a good white German shepherd breeder. Good professionals provide in-depth information regarding these points:

  • Any health issues the puppy might have.
  • All the doggy’s vaccinations.

Before giving you the dog, they should ask you some questions to know how much dog-owning experience you have. Based on your response, they will deliver the puppy to you. Of course, they make sure you have the necessary traits to buy or adopt a dog like this.

White German Shepherd

Fact to Recognize A White German Shepherd

All things considered, the following points are some facts to help you recognize a white German shepherd:

  • Fact 1. It is deemed a separate breed.
  • Fact 2. The coat of this dog is white and usually not double.
  • Fact 3. It is more subtle to cold, unlike the standard German shepherd.
  • Fact 4. Its coat is longer and stiffer.
  • Fact 5. What causes the dog to be white is a recessive gene.
  • Fact. 6. The recessive gene actually masks the dog’s true color.
  • Fact 7. It is as healthy as the standard German shepherd. Both are prone to the same diseases.
  • Fact 8. A female white breed can produce colored puppies.
  • Fact 9. The white German temperament is the same as the standard dogs.

Where to Find the Best White German Shepherd Breeders?

If you are in the United States, there is a company called The American White Shepherd Association. It is the biggest club dedicated to this dog. They have a long list of white German shepherd breeders to choose from. Join to the club and enjoy the benefits.

White German Shepherd Puppy

What’s the Best Place to Adopt this Dog Breed?

Echo Dog is considered the best place for white German Shepherds for adoption. Contacting Echo Dogs is a breeze because they even have a Facebook page.

On their website, you can even have the chance to take part in events and get updated with news associated to this amazing pet. They are basically a corporation which receives stray dogs or puppies from owners who, for some reason, can’t take them in anymore. They work in combination with foster homes as they don’t have a physical space yet, but they are working on it.

Where in American can I find White German Shepherds for Sale?

If you live in the United States, you can find white German shepherds for sale in almost any state, but there are two of them where it’s easier to buy this dog: Texas and Illinois.

In Texas

Wolfang Haus is a Texan white German shepherd breeder with a lot of experience. He has a dog called Hailocks. He’s been selling Hailocks puppies since then. He provides all the health certificates to comply with the American dog regulation trading.  His website offers comprehensive information on the male and female breeds available. If you are seeking for white German shepherds for sale in Texas, give a look at this website.

In lllinois

Now, if you are live in or near Illionios, it is easier to find white German sheepherders for sale in Illinois here. On hoobly dot com, you can see a list of dog classifieds. At first, it will be a little tough to find an affordable white German shepherd but it’s by far the best place inside that area. Prices vary but most colored German shepherds cost around $500; so it’s a good choice.

All White German Shepherd


Hope you have revealed some secrets about “White German Shepherds” now it’s your turn.

I want to listen from you.

Please give me suggestions may be I have missed some important points may be you have some different experiences so don’t hesitate to share your experience or queries.

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