Swelling in the dog

Swelling in the Dog – often frightening, but not always dangerous

If you have a knot under your skin with your dog, you should first rest. For not every tumor in the dog is malignant and indicates cancer. There are many other causes which can lead to the formation of a tumor. But you should still visit a veterinarian.

What Causes a Tumor?

Causes of a tumor in the dog are very versatile. A proliferation can result from an allergic reaction or an insect bite. Even after vaccination, a tumor can sometimes be felt under the skin. If a dog had an injury, for example, abs can develop in the dog. A harmless pack of grebes in the dog, which is caused by the accumulation of cells and sebum in a sebaceous gland, is also a tumor, which is very often not necessary for treatment. But, of course, a tumor may be malignant and must be treated in any case.

Swelling in the Dog

A malignant tumor in the dog can be caused by carcinogenic substances or by a mutation of a cell. The carcinogenic substances include chemical substances, UV, X-ray and radioactive radiation. Malignant tumors formed on internal organs are most dangerous. For it is not always easy to recognize such a tumor in time. Only an experienced veterinarian can determine a diagnosis whether a tumor is a malignant or benign tumor.

Treat Swelling in The Dog

Depending on the cause, a treatment is prescribed by the veterinarian. If your dog is suspected of having an allergic reaction, a dog allergy test can provide information on what your dog is allergic to. In the case of an abscess, the tumor must be opened and disinfected by the veterinarian. A Grütz bag is usually harmless and is only surgically removed in some cases. In cancer, the treatment is usually elaborate. Operations, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are often used.

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