Remove Hair Of The Dog: 8 Tips That Really Work

Remove Hair Of The Dog: 8 Tips That Really Work
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They are cute and faithful, devoted friends, and when you look at them, you just have to pet them: anyone who is a real dog lover knows that the four-legged cannot be beaten. Still, there is also one or the other thing that can be annoying. If the hair of the dog is easy to find everywhere, it is just not nice anymore.

Best Tips To Remove Hair Of The Dog

Prevention is, of course, best. But also tips, which then grab, if it is already too late, are helpful. Therefore, the most effective eight tips are summarized below:

  1. Coat The Dog Properly

It sounds so simple and yet many keepers do not think of it – the regular combing of the dog is the best prevention against the hair loss and the covering of the hair. It can be used for classic dog brush. However, there are also special brushes for dogs, which are also suitable. It is important to keep the regularity here, and this applies to dogs with long and short fur as well. The coat is combed once in the morning and once in the evening. During the change of the coat, the brush can also be used more often.


The dog should be slowly used to the brush. The selection of comb and brush is, incidentally, dependent on the types of dog coats. If it has long fur, then dog holders should reach a brush with long bristles that are relatively far apart. The dog can help with a dog with a dense underfoot. For short-haired animals, the short-toothed brush is the best choice.

  1. The Handle On The Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are actually to be found in every household and probably has one or the other during the cleaning even once stated that his hair like to gather to the gloves when cleaned it.


This effect can also be used for removing the dog’s hair. The rubber gloves are over coated. Then it is driven by hand over the surface, which is to be cleaned. The animal hair accumulates on the rubber and can then be removed with water.

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  1. Lint Roller To Remove Hair of The Dog

A true classic is, of course, the lint roller. Thanks to the sticky surface, the hair of the dog grooming salon sticks to it and can thus be removed from textiles. As an alternative, if the lint roller is not straight to the hand, are synonymous worth tape or but fine wet tights. Both versions are a great help when it comes to freeing clothes from dog hair. The lint roller is also good for use in the car.


  1. Dryer

If you have a dryer at home, you can use it also for the removal of dog hair. For this, the things do not have to be washed and dried. It is sufficient for the affected clothing to be put into the dryer for five minutes. The hairs are removed from the clothing by the air stream that forms here and ends up in the bottom of the lint screen. Dogs can easily remove them.


  1. Lint Remover Ball As Practical Aids

Great are Lint Remover Balls. These are commercially available and are ideal for the removal of animal hair. The lint balls are put into the washing machine and are included in the wash cycle. The animal hair is attracted by the balls and sticks to it. However, it should be borne in mind that the balls are quite coarse in their appearance and can damage even very sensitive clothing. The dog then does not have to be able to counteract the hair loss in the washing machine, even if one sometimes wishes.

hair of the dog grooming

  1. Cleaning Brush With Curved Bristles

On the furniture in the home or car, and clothing is a brush with curved bristles also ideally suited? The bristles are slightly bent outwards, so they stand to the side. Contrary to the direction in which the bristles bend, is then brushed. This allows the hair express, hair of the dog to be removed very well. They remain behind the bristle bend and do not fall to the ground. The hair can then be removed from the brush using a comb.

hair express

  1. Suck Daily

As important as the regular combing of the dog is the dust suction. At first glance, the hair in its large quantity may not yet be recognizable. But when they are found everywhere in the house and apartment, the trouble is great. This can be prevented if dog carriers regularly suck. Again, it is a good idea, at least twice a day to the vacuum cleaner to grip.

hair lyrics

Ideal are so-called animal hair vacuum cleaners. These are models that are especially recommended for animal hair. Especially when the carpet is the vacuum cleaner simply the best help.

  1. To Curry Comb Grab

One of the tips, which are not quite as well known, is the handle for curry comb. If you have the opportunity to buy a harrow in the specialist shop for horses, this can excellently rid the carpet of the hair of the dog. With the harness, the carpet is combed, again and again, the hair sticks to the rubber, and the carpet looks like new. By the way, the harrow can also be used very well to comb the dog. Many dogs enjoy it when they are driven over the fur with the rubber bar.

hair of the dog grooming salon

Dog hair can be found everywhere but can be removed relatively well. But you have to know the right tips. The references mentioned here have already proven themselves in many different ways in everyday life. Depending on where the hair accumulates the most, one or the other tip can certainly be a great help. In principle, it is mainly the regular cleaning of the soil as well as the continuous combing of the dog, which provides for less hair.

The Hair Is Gone – And The Smell?

Dog Odor

Many dog owners not only have problems with the hair lyrics, hair of the dog but also with the dog odor. Again, there is, of course, the odd tip, which may help these to banish from apartment and car. It has proved particularly useful to neutralize the smell with the aid of coffee powder. Fast bags are packed with coffee and can be designed in the apartment or the car. They ensure that the dog’s odor is no longer perceptible. Anyone who is cleaning the carpet and floor and has removed the hair can also wipe with the vinegar water still over the floor. Also, vinegar is ideal for the smell to disappear. Thus, hair and smell are immediately removed in a dish-washing and the time with the best friend can be enjoyed.

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Dogs owners are worried about hair of the dog owner. But after reading this article you will no more fail or worried about hair of the dogs in your home or carpet etc. I have elaborated the topic to help you. By following any of these tips at DogsOrb, you will not only get rid of hair of the dogs but also the dog odor. Please don’t forget to share your experience with us by commenting below 🙂

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