Pet Crate and Kennel: Information, Tips & Recommendations

Pet Crate and Kennel: Information, Tips & Recommendations
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The dog is regarded as a faithful companion and as the best friend of man. A four-legged animal gives security, keeps fit and gives comfort. That is why it is not surprising that we want to make it as nice and as comfortable to our dog as possible. And what could be more appropriate than a pet crate for the darling? He has a place of retreat, because no matter how much a dog enjoys the company of his master, even a dog would like to be alone. Thus, you can avoid bad buy and problems, as you all learn here to make right the first time everything right buying pet crate or kennel!

Prerequisites for a Pet Crate

  1. Where To Buy A Pet Crate or Kennel?

There are three possibilities for this. A pet crate can be for example a carpenter can customize. Kennels, there are also at the hardware store or retailers to buy. Nowadays you can even buy dog kennels online.  They are made of high-quality materials and offer everything, so your dog is well taken care of.

  1. What Should Be The Size of the Dog crate?

The right kennel size is an important factor when buying kennels. On the one hand, you want to determine a cozy home with your dog enough space offer.

On the other hand, one cannot arbitrarily select the size of the dogs. There are government requirements that must be fulfilled in animal husbandry. The area depends on the size of your dog.

  1. These Regulations Must Be Observed!

Before you want to buy you a dog kennel, you should take a look at the animal protection dog regulations throw.

Some are summarized for you:

i) A kennel dog needs according to his withers an unobstructed floor area has available.

  • Each side has at least twice the length of the body of the dog
  • No side must be shorter than 2 meters be
  • The size of the dog cage must be higher than the dog with erect forepaws can reach

ii) Is the dog kennel at least five days a week mostly outside the cage, the bottom surface must be at least 6 square meters in size.

Pet Crate

iii) Characteristics of the dog pen

  • Material not unhealthy
  • No injuries
  • Soil must be secure so that no pain is produced
  • A dog’s kennel must be kept clean and dry
  • One side of the dog’s coat must have a clear view

Detailed information, including the position of several dogs in the kennel, checks the text of the law once again in full screen.

For optimal kennel size, there are several “formulas.” We would like to introduce you to a good guideline.

  • Aside length: five times back length of the dog

Pet Crate

  1. Different Bar Spacing – This Is Useful!

Kennels sometimes with different bar intervals offered. These usually vary from 5-8cm of raw rake.

Tip: As long as the dog in the kennel does not get his head through the bars is all good. Who wants to buy the kennel save, can large bar spacing choose! We do not recommend buying blue-eyed. Think about what impact have larger tube spacings.

Do you have young children or often visit, then narrow tube spacing worth considering. Otherwise, dogs can bite in the kennel with the snout between the grids.

We believe that 8 cm pipe distances sufficient!

Pet Crate

  1. Only These Dog Breeds Are Suitable For Dog Kennels!

Not every dog is created for the kennel. For the life outdoor kennel dogs require certain robustness.

Another factor is the sensitivity to cold. To survive even cold days without disease, your dog needs a thick skin. This warms and protects against cold.

A typical farm dog has these properties because it guarded for generations yard and owner.

Some examples of farm animals:

  • Shepherds
  • Kangals
  • Rottweiler
  • Pinscher

Even mountain dogs are known for their robustness and vigilance:

  • Newfoundland
  • Leon Berger

More dogs with particularly thick hair and a reasonable size would, for example:

  • Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Pyrenean mountain dogs
  • Newfoundland
  • And much more.

But there are also dog breeds, for which you should not buy a dog kennel. This applies particularly to small dogs that have the only short coat without undercoat.

Absolute NO GO’s would be:

  • Chihuahua
  • Yorkshire Terrier etc.

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  1. How To Find The Right Location For The Dog Kennel!

The following factors should be taken into account when choosing a location.

Sensible location factors:

  • In case of rain or snow always remains partial surface dry
  • The kennel offers protection from the midday sun
  • The dog has ideally eye contact to the house

Pet Crate

  1. Why A Wooden Kennel Makes Sense!

Whoever chooses to buy the dog’s kennel is confronted with the choice of material. Statistically, most dogs live in a wooden dog kennel. Wood is a durable material, which easily withstands the shenanigans of a dog. This is due to the built-in solid wood. It stands up well to the weather, allowing the kennel an increased service life. In addition, wood is a renewable and environmentally friendly raw material.

A disadvantage could be the increased risk of fire.

  1. These Questions Should Be Clarified Before The Dog Kennel!

If you want to buy a dog kennel, you should be able to answer the following questions positively.

  • Are financial resources available for the “big” investment?
  • Do I have enough money for the entertainment in the future?
  • Is there sufficient space for the dog kennel?
  • What does my landlord/rental contract say?
  • Is your family behind the purchase?
  • Is care regulated during illness/leave?
  1. Therefore The Attitude In The Kennel Is Better Than In The Home!

Even if one first in a kennel at “Dog jail thinking” provides a kennel distinct advantages over the attitude in an apartment.

i) As you know, urban housing does not have the largest living space. A dog feels between narrow stone walls without fresh air, not so well. A dog kennel is of course not bigger. The dog, however, employs varied, because he constantly perceives new sounds or smells. In addition, “soft” dogs are not so much when exposed to the environment.

ii) Kennel increases the vitality and joy of the dog. A spacious kennel with spout and suitable shelter is enough for a kennel dog.

iii)           Often dogs have a kennel increased resistance towards conspecifics. This results in fewer illnesses and increased performance.

iv) Biological rhythm is lost for year-round entertainment in the home. This makes hair dogs only very irregularly distributed throughout the year. This leads to the loss of natural protective functions.

Pet Crate

  1. Disease Of The Dog Spare By Isolation

For the dog kennel winter is and provides protection against cold, heat and humidity, you need subfloor insulation.

As an alternative, you can also install insulation yourself.

As an insulation material, these materials are helpful:

  • Rubber
  • Rubber cork
  • Styrofoam
  • PVC

The cheapest are rubber plates. They are a reliable insulation and have a high resistance.

When the thickness we recommend at least 20 mm. Cheap rubber sheets you find on eBay here.

  1. Checklist For Dog Kennel Purchase

If you want to buy a dog kennel, you should check in advance, if the following features are covered.

  • Enough space
  • Feeding station
  • Freshwater
  • Comfortable sleeping place
  • Protection from cold
  • Dry, sunbathing area
  • Old blankets and toys
  • Sufficient employment opportunities
  1. Expensive Investment – This Keeps The Dog Kennel As Long As Possible!

After the dog kennel buys, you should maintain the kennel in regular intervals, so that he holds as long as possible.

For information on the care and maintenance, we speak of a wooden dog kennel.

  1. The protective glaze the wood should be applied every 2-3 years again
  2. The dog kennel should be cleaned regularly

As you can see, this is not very much work.

But! Neglecting the above points:

  1. The untreated wood from weathering attacked.
  2. The kennel is losing stability
  3. The health of the dog is at risk.
  1. Get Your Dog To The Kennel?

The easiest way you get used to his dog to the kennel when he connects with something positive. To achieve this, give your dog in the cottage a few treats and feed him there. Then he will soon realize that the dog Lodge is not a bad place to stay. It provides Also, the dog a familiar smell to put, for example in the form of a blanket from his dog basket in the cabin. Even then he will understand that the dog kennel will be a good place.

Make the dog also quite directly into the cabin to show him that this will be his new place. If he voluntarily runs in the doghouse or follows your exercises, praise him always definitely, and then he knows that he has done something right. In general, the habit of the kennel takes time, because your dog will probably not accept the first try. And if your dog does not accept them even after a long training session, and simply refuses to go in, everything is useless. If the dog does not want, he will not. You should accept that

Types Of Dog Kennels And Crates

What are the perfect dog kennels and crates? How should it be best equipped? And what kind of dog crates and kennels are there? If you have you ever asked yourself these questions, you are here right! We provide you with all important information on the subject of dog crates and kennels, but also general information about dog keeping.

Dog Breeding Kennels

Breeding Kennels are places designated in compliance using the relevant rules and rules set with a recognized governing body or advocacy group – in Canada, the primary registry of breeding kennels may be the Canadian Kennel Club – for that breeding of purebred dogs. Because of rules, breeding kennels must stick to certain structural and procedural needs for that housing and management of dogs. Each breeding kennel includes a name or prefix connected using the kennel that forms part one from the registered name of the pedigreed dog.


Dog Boarding Kennels

Dog Boarding Kennels need a house and take care of the fundamental requirements of your dog temporarily as the dog’s owner is away or else not able to take care of your dog. The help provided by boarding kennels can differ broadly, from fundamental shelter, food, and workout to special menus, bathing and grooming, and additional exercise.


Dog Crate Kennels

An enclosure accustomed to keeping dogs for training, security or transportation. The crate kennel is supposed to replicate a dog’s living room, a location in which a dog can seem to be secure while allowing proprietors and chance to complete other tasks without concern for that location or safety from the dog.


Types of Dog Crate Kennels

Plastic Dog Crate

The most famous Pet crate that you almost could be described as a classic is a transport box, generally, has a secured with a metal mesh screening for your dog. However, in these boxes, the quality differences must not be forgotten or underestimated. This is primarily due to the fact that there are no clear-cut tests to date. A TUV seal in the classical sense is usually mis-indication. Therefore, you should when buying dog crates pay attention to the GS mark for tested safety or restraint systems. This is also given by the TUV. In addition, the Pet crate or Dog Crates should after the Crash Test method be tested. In addition, some models are IATA checked. This is important if the box is also sometimes used for air travel because it means that airlines, these transport boxes recognize.


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Soft-Sided Dog Crate

The problem of static dog cage: it is not in use, taking them off a lot of space. Especially when it is used in the car, then the question arises: where with the bulky thing. Could for each of the not so much space to stow the dog box. Therefore, a collapsible dog crate is interesting (search keyword: dog box fold-able ). These are also offered in various models.


Collapsible dog boxes, as the name suggests, will be merged or folded easily after use. This makes it possible to store them even in the car without the need for much space. Especially for dog owners who travel a lot with their dogs are (eg. Dog shows) this type of dog crates thus very suitable. Many models are made of nylon and have a metal frame: they are, of course, unbeatable light. The small dog crate is used and bought by the owners mostly for small dogs because small dog crate is very much comfortable and soft to small dogs.

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate

The most massive and thus the safest form of transportation ensure dog boxes made of metal or dog transport cages. Because of that, these dog boxes are so massive, it is of course also the most unwieldy – certainly but especially for transport in the car the most recommended. There are very different models: on the one hand, for example, open, metal cages, the sides of which consist of metal bars. On the other hand dog box/transport boxes, which are very similar in design and shape many plastic boxes.

Pet Crate

If they are not needed, many of the open versions can be disassembled so they require less space. In everyday life, a removable, closed floor pan has proved its worth. Because it is removable, it can be easily cleaned. Of course, it also offers to make it more comfortable for the dog with a dog coat or dog cover or similar. Heavy Duty Pet crate is of bigger size mostly because large dog kennel is mostly bought for the large or big dogs. So that these dogs can easily walk or move in the large dog kennel and can feel the environment comfortable.

Fashion Dog Crate

Much like they seem, fashion crates are fashion forward. Their wood or rattan finish certainly looks the very best of each one of these options throughout the house, and a few may even be used as a side table, showing these crates aren’t only a good looks – they’re functional too. The down-side to those crates is the fact that they’re no choice for destructive or rescue dogs because of their wood-based construction. They may be easily broken should they have a wood floor and there’s an unpredicted accident.


Wire Dog Crate

Wire crates are very well-ventilated and frequently portable (though they could be a bit heavy). They’re an excellent choice for dogs that want to see their surroundings, need some extra air-flow, and aren’t escaping artists. When they aren’t the best looking options and could be noisier kinds of crates, wire crates will also be simple to clean and provide removable panels so that your puppy can come to be the area. There are also some that are collapsible for simple transport.


The 3 Most Important Reasons For Dog Crates and Kennels

  1. Own Withdrawal Place

With a pet crate, you manage your dog a private retreat. So your quadruped has a place in your home that is destined only for him. That is his territory where he is the boss. For no matter how much the dog needs and enjoys the company of the people, one should still give him the opportunity to retreat. In addition, the kennel offers plenty of space and comfort, which makes them fast to haunt is for the dog. In the house of this place should the dog basket be. Less suitable is the sofa or the cold floor.

  1. Keeps Healthy

Dogs that are often held outdoors are tougher and more powerful because their biological rhythm is not so strong to become unbalanced as in dogs that live mainly in the house. In addition, it does not shed so irregular and form in the colder months, a thicker layer of fat and a dense undercoat. Since the kennel is usually set up outside with the dogs are much more often in the open air. And that is not only healthy for us humans but also keeps our dogs fit.

  1. Protection And Safety

If the kennel is equipped with a heat-insulating pad and good insulation, it provides your dog also in the wet and cold weather protection and security. Your dog can then continue out to the held fresh air are.

Final Words

The pet crates are very much famous because they are multi-functional. The multi-functional pet crates can be used for any dog or pet. All types of crate or kennel are called pet crate. Before buying dog kennels and crates must keep in mind the above-discussed points.

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