All You Need To Know About Caucasian Shepherd Dog

It is a giant and woolly dog that looks very pretty with its fluffy hair. The features of Caucasian Shepherd are very attractive as this breed is very influential across Russia and the areas of Northern Caucasian. It weighs between 99 to 154 lbs. The moment you look at him, you will fall in love with him. He is a giant and muscular buddy that is admired by all pet owners. The people of the United Stated have become deeply interested in this breed because of his figure and looked. If you have little children at your home, then this dog is surely going to enjoy in their company. Once he lives with you at your home, then you have to give importance to his needs so that he lives freely without any difficulty.


How Is The Coat Of Caucasian Shepherd Dog?

It is a mountain dog and has a thick and double coat. The feathers are smooth, and in this way, he remains protected during the cold season. When the Caucasian Shepherd is a puppy, then he has a fine coat over his body. The mature dogs are very careful in protecting their puppies. There are various colors in this breed that are fawn, pied, white, Gray, and brindle. People are usually interested in dogs having long feathers as they look very pleasing. You have to comb his hair frequently otherwise, his coat will look messed up. Brushing will always protect his hair from shedding.


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Food Chosen For Caucasian Mountain Dog Breeders

This dog breed is a foodie, so you have to give this dog plenty to eat. The reason is that these dogs are often kept as working dogs. So to make them active and alert, you have to fulfill his food requirements. Make sure you give him high-quality dog food of large portion twice a day. It is the secret of his muscular body and active mind.

Caucasian Shepherd

Don’t Forget To Train Him Well

As we all know that training is necessary if you own a pet. In the same way, you have to train your Caucasian so that he behaves decently with you. This is a dog breed that loves independence, so you have to be serious about its training when he is a young puppy. Otherwise, it would become very difficult to mold the habits of Caucasian shepherd puppies once formed. In the house, if you are the owner then you have to be a strong leader in front of your dog so that he considers you as his master. Be firm in your commands otherwise; this dog will become aggressive.

Make sure you give him enough chance to be familiar with people outdoor otherwise he will bark at them by taking them as strangers. So it all depends upon your socializing and training that how you teach him the basic rules of behaving and dealing with others. The experienced dog owners are of an opinion that people who are planning to adopt him for the first time should skip this idea because you need to have enough pet-keeping experience to keep him at your home.


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How Is The Caucasian Mountain Dog Temperament?

When it comes to the behavior of this dog breed, then this working dog is chosen to take care of livestock. Make sure that he is well trained and socialized otherwise lack of socializing may lead to aggression. This breed has a life expectancy of approximately 10-12 years. Make sure you monitor him when he is playing with the children otherwise there can be problems. If he has a family living with you, then he is very possessive about it. Otherwise, they are lovable and peaceful dogs. Above all, a capable leadership has to keep an eye on him. So that his aggressive behavior can be controlled and guided.


Exercise Must Not Be Compromise Upon

You already know that they are guard dogs for the livestock. So to keep them physically fit you have to plan exercises for him. Daily exercise for Caucasian Shepherd will make him alert and active. You should take them along with you for a walk. Because it is a nice way to make them socialized and healthy as well. This will make the mood of your dog lively.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog mostly found in White, Black, Fawn, Cream, Rust, Grey colors. The large breed of dog is extremely popular in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Georgia. It has life span of 10-11 years. Caucasian Shepherd has powerful, quick,alert,calm,strong and dominant temperament.

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