Interesting Things To Know About Australian Cattle Dog

Interesting Things To Know About Australian Cattle Dog
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Pets are a member of the family and if you want to have a pet then make sure he is intelligent and smart besides being a companion. Australian cattle dog is a mix breed imported from Australia and Scotland. There are other names common that are Australian Heeler, Blue Heeler, Hall’s Heeler and the Queensland Heeler. He is blessed with great intelligence, so it is up to you to keep him busy in productive activities. Training is required for this breed because without training a pet cannot behave wisely and calmly.

As the name suggests that they are very active towards the responsibilities of handling the herds of cattle. In the case of wild animals, Heeler is powerful enough to take care of cattle herds. They are good for working and also have enough stamina to cope with harsh conditions. You need to understand the nature of this dog well. If you are a lazy person, then this lifestyle of yours will make your dog allergic or stubborn. Heeler breed is loved by the people who themselves are active and smart. It is a nice friend to enjoy with you on a walk. Many people think that this breed is similar to Australian sheep dog, but that is not true.

Facts about Australian Cattle Dog


Australian Cattle Dog personality is very inspiring. He approximately weighs 35 pounds and is medium sized. There is lots of strength in him, and he shows agile behavior by using his feet.

Australian Cattle Dog

This breed is of darker color having sparkling oval eyes. The two common coats seen in this breed are blue and red. The appearance of this breed is longer and higher regarding an outlook. You will enjoy owning him when he is young because in that age it will be easier for you to train him.


This dog breed loves to exercise more, and if you have a garden which is fenced, then it is an ideal place for his activities. Keeping your pet active and healthy, exercise is important. Otherwise, there would raise behavioral issues among this pet. Be careful of the fact that Australian cattle dog breed is suspicious and aggressive in front of strangers.

Australian Cattle Dog

It is very loyal and obedient towards his master. The cattle dog breeds should be owned at a young age otherwise, it would be tricky to tame them. Let him play with the kids because it will be a smart way to make him exercise. You have to give him your time and love only then there will be positive results of your training and grooming. Taking care of your pet’s diet is very important otherwise, he will fall ill.


It is very necessary that you take a good care of your Australian cattle dog. His coat needs to be cleaned well to remove the dead hair. When it comes to brushing Australian cattle dog puppies then, ensure that you brush them at least once in a week.

Australian Cattle Dog

You should inspect their nails regularly otherwise unhygienic conditions can make them ill. Brushing should be done using a compact bristle brush if you want to keep their coat in good shape. Give regular pet bath to Australian Cattle Dog, but it’s not compulsory. The choice is all yours.

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