Dog’s Cycle- How Long Does a Dog Stay in Heat

Dog’s Cycle- How Long Does a Dog Stay in Heat
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When a female dog is in the reproductive cycle, then this stage is called Estrus or Heat. During this course, the female dogs are attracted or receptive to mating with a male. When dogs are in heat or estrus course, then the estrogen level increases and then sharply decreases after that the mature eggs got released from ovaries. How long does a dog stay in heat depends on the breeds and individual dogs? It is an ideal situation if the dog is spayed before she enters her first estrus or heat cycle.

The frequency is an entirely natural process, which can be observed in healthy bitches of fertile age. However, some dog breeders may be allergic, irritating or unsettling. Here you will find out what you should know about the “heat” of the bitch, how long are dogs in heat, which procedures are normal and what you should consider to avoid unwanted offspring.

How Long Does a Dog Stay in Heat?

An unspayed bitch has the first estrus between 6 and 24 months old, and it goes in estrus every six months, twice yearly. Duration for male dogs, during which they attracted to female dogs, are different for different breeds and individuals dogs. Normally for 18 days, male dogs attracted to a female while females are receptive for only half of this time.

How Long Does a Female Dog Stay in Heat: The Bitch in Puberty

The duration for “how long does a female dog stay in heat” is different for different dog breeds. The first frequency of the bitch dog usually starts at the age of six to twelve months. At this time the bitch is physically and mentally in the middle of puberty. How old the bitch is when he enters the maturity varies according to the breed and the individual: While small bitches usually run for the first time at six months, bitches of large breeds are often already in the second year of life.

It is important that the bitch reaches her adult body weight. This happens not only in dogs of large breeds but also when the growing bitch does not get enough food (for example in bad habits) or has a disease. But every bitch is different: also some healthy little bitch will run for the first time only for two years.

How Long Does A Dog Stay In Heat

Some time the female dog stays in heat more than expected days so the owners get worried about how long is a female dog in heat. Don’t get worried because the first frequency in the dog is often not very typical, since the female is only now mature and has not yet been physically developed. Sometimes there is, for example, a quiet course: Here, despite the typical hormonal processes, no external signs such as discharge are visible. Thus, the bitch can become completely uninhibited. In other cases, however, first typical signs of frequency occur, but then sound again for a few days before they reappear – this is called split estrus.

Some people got worried about when they don’t know the situation and ask about how long do female dogs stay in heat? Accordingly, there is no need to worry if a bitch with two years of age has not been obvious, or if the first course is not quite classical. Both occur relatively frequently.

Typical Flow Sequence

How long does a dog stay in heat? This cycle of the bitch is divided into four phases:

ProEstrus (Fervor):

On average the prostration lasts nine days, but its duration can vary between three and 17 days. This is the first section of the fluency. The vulva of the bitch swells, and bloody vaginal discharge occurs. Its quantity varies from dog to dog: While it is hardly noticeable in some bitches, others bleed relatively strongly. The bitch is not yet fertile at this time but smells very interesting for males already. However, it will either evade or bite other dogs if they become obtrusive. However, you should not rely on it, because sometimes the transitions between the individual phases are difficult to determine.

Estrus (Brunst):

In this phase, the bitch is ready to go – it is also called “Stability” because the bitch now stands willingly and turns the rod to the side when an interested male approaches. On average the estrus lasts nine days, varying between three and 21 days depending on the bitch. The vulva is now no longer very swollen, and the vaginal discharge becomes waterier, sometimes also slimy. During the estrus, several Ovipeds take place, mostly in the second to the fourth day. During this time the fertile days of the bitch lie.

How Long Does A Dog Stay In Heat

Metrostrus (Afterbrunst/Fervor):

In this phase, the symptoms of the disease are reduced. The vulva swells, the discharge is often yellowish and disappears completely. Although the bitch does not show any signs of a running from this point onward, there is still a hormonal change for several weeks: the yellow bodies, which are produced after the ovulation on the ovaries, produce the hormone progesterone.

This hormone ensures that the embryo, the conditions required for its implantation and its growth in the uterus is found. The corpus luteum produces the hormone in this cycle, irrespective of whether or not fertilization has occurred. Only after nine to twelve weeks, the corpus luteum is broken down (luteolysis). In some bitches, the now declining progesterone mirrors the release of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin stimulates the production of milk – so some dogs suffer from discomfort.


The anestrus is the “resting phase” of the cycle. The bitch shows no external signs of running. Your sex hormones remain on a level (progesterone) or slightly (estrogen). This phase can be very different in length; It lasts for several weeks or months and ends only with the introduction of the next prostration, and thus of the next frequency. In the transitional phase from anestrus to Proestrus (Preprostrus), egg-follicles, so-called follicles, gradually form on the ovaries. In these, the oocytes mature until ovulation (which only takes place in estrus).

The Behavior of The Bitch During The Run

On average, a bitch is running every seven months. Some Dogs, for example, the Basenji or the Thai Ridgeback – often have only one frequency per year, similar to wolves and dingos. Most dog owners, however, are confronted twice a year with a castration of the bitch. The better you are informed about what is happening with the bitch during this time and what you have to observe, the more stress-free you can design the time of the run.

Even before the bitch loses its first bloodstains, the behavior of the bitch is usually more frequent than usual. Sometimes her behavior is reminiscent of that of a male dog because her bitch squats her leg and seems to be squatting every few meters “must.” The instinct instinctively sets the first fragrance brands – and these are also perceived by males. Not infrequently, one can first see a flurry at the striking rise of four-legged admirers who sniff the dog enthusiastically and pranch around it.

Whether and how the behavior of the bitch changes in the course is very different. Many bitches at least temporarily forget their good upbringing when they are playing or running. Some of them move away from their owner on walks and get worse. Others become more affectionate and call for many strokes. Not infrequently sleepy bitches sleep more than usual, something lazy or melancholic. Some examples, on the other hand, make a rather restless impression and change the berth every few minutes. Last but not least there are also bitches, who are hardly taken out of the concept by the running and behave the same way as usual.

how long are dogs in heat

Panties and Dog Encounters In The Run

A common question is how long is a dog stay in heat because it is difficult to handle the bleeding of the bitch best in the run. As a rule, bitches dress by panty etc very frequently and extensively in the course, whereby there are very clean and rather negligent dogs, and the bleeding also can be differently strong.

If you have a dog of the thoroughly plastering type and your apartment is equipped with a tile floor, you do not have to take any further action, except to wipe out some lost drops. Otherwise, you can put your dog on a special protective gait to prevent it from landing on the carpet or dog bed. It is helpful to get used to the bitch slowly before the panties – most dogs are amazingly fast in getting rid of unpleasant clothes.

The most important rule change about “how long do dogs stay in heat” is at the time of running, however, in encounters with other dogs. If you are not planning a litter with the bitch – and this should be very well considered – it is essential that you keep them away from unskilled males, especially during estrus. For this reason, you should only walk the dog on a lead and avoid places that are heavily frequented by other dogs

Even off the fertile days, the dog bitches for dogs – castrated as well as untrasted – is very exciting. As a rule, it is better not to let the dogs play freely during this time. In front of loudly overshooting hormones, males tend to harass the bitch. While the latter usually goes into defenses, evades and snaps.

This is a stressful situation for the animals rather than a relaxed game. Therefore dog owners are also worried about how long are dogs in heat? Instead, wait with dog encounters until the frequency has subsided; Unless they are friendly bitches or puppies. By observing this rule, you and your dog will be largely free of stress by the speed. If you are confused then must visit your vet time and time again. I hope the full details about How Long Does a Dog Stay in Heat is really helpful for you. Because this is a complete step by step guide. If you have any question about please ask in the comment or on our social media pages.

In short to how long does a dog stay in heat, the female dog stays in heat for 2-4 weeks. The female dog don’t perceives in the start of duration. When the dog cycle starts the vulva of dog get swelled and bleeding or discharge started. On the other hand, when dog cycle lasts, the discharge or bleeding stop, the vulva’s swelling finishes and it returns to its normal condition and size.

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