The Great Dog Beds Guide & Comparison

The Great Dog Beds Guide & Comparison
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Who does not like to lie in a cuddly bed, lie down and dream of it? Just as it is important for us humans to experience a healthy and regenerating sleep, to sleep as far as possible, to be well-equipped and fit – just as important for the dog. The dog beds are resting places for the four-legged dog. Here he can feel safe and give himself to his dog dreams. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right dog bed. I would like to show you this page! You should know about the dog bed

What are suitable dog beds?

Like the dog basket or the dog, the cushion is a dog bed sleeping area and resting zone for the dog. However, dog beds are usually rather flat and without a protruding edge. They are similar to a mattress.

Dog boxes, on the other hand, have rather a “basket shape” and are also intended to assign the dog a place to an area from where he also usually has a connection to the active family life. This is why dogs are usually placed in the living room.

Where should a dog bed be placed?

Dog beds, however, are intended solely as sleeping and resting place for the dog, should almost always in a quiet zone be set up. Entirely unsuitable are areas in apartment or house, where there is quite a lot of “transit traffic” prevails. This applies, for example, to the corridor or other rooms in which people are often present and produce noises.

Dog beds provide for the dog an absolute is a quiet area, in which he withdraw can. For this reason, bedrooms or other quiet rooms tend to be more suitable for setting up a dog bed.  This allows your dog to switch off just as well as you can in your bed – and regenerate and recover without being disturbed.

It is important for a dog to the factor ” security .” A dog should therefore not be disturbed by other animals, young or old persons in their resting area. In this zone of rest and safety, your dog should also be able to go out at any time and his request. Therefore this place should also be permanently accessible.

  • Dog beds are a resting place for the dog
  • Dog bed should be in a quiet area of the condo

Dog Beds

The dog bed – from the puppy to the senior dog

Dog bed, of course, belongs to the basic equipment of a dog. A dog needs as well as a person a sleeping place, where he can rest, doze, relax or just sleep and dream.

The reasons for this have already described above. Depending on whether a puppy, a young dog or a somewhat older dog is living or moving in, you should think about a suitable dog bed and a suitable sleeping place for your dog.

In the course of the dog life, which you will spend together with your four-legged dog, you will probably have to get a new dog bed for yourself or your dog. This can be the case for a variety of reasons – either because your dog has grown and needs more space in its rest zone because the basket is broken or simply because you want to treat your dog and again something nice and new.

  • The dog bed is a retreat for dogs
  • There are special dog beds for old and sick dogs

Different dog bed types

The “dog bed” or the “dog beds” have many synonyms, but also subgroups, which we want to sort roughly here.

Dog Beds

Dog beds are usually flat “sofa mattress” for dogs – often with prints or designs. They are made of fabric and foam or leather or artificial leather. For elderly or sick dogs, particularly medical and orthopedic dog beds are suitable, so the dog is optimal.

Dog Beds


Dog Cushion

Dog Bed is very similar to the dog beds in reason – often falls a proper differentiation also somewhat difficult. One can say that dogs can also sleep on a dog cushion and rest. The dog pillows are usually shaped like a usual pillow and often also a bit bulging.

Dog Beds

Dog Coats

Lies While the dog on a dog bed or dog bed, it may be lower than a dog blanket. Many (older) dogs like it cuddly warm and like to cuddle under a blanket. As a permanent sleeping place or rest zone, such a thin blanket is usually not suitable, which is why it should only use for excursions or just to cover the dog.

Dog Beds

Dog Basket

The Stuffed center of many four-legged friends is the dog basket (or dog basket). Unlike a dog bed, dog baskets always have a slightly elevated edge – the one more, the other less. The cuddly factor in a dog basket is of course quite large, and that is also good. If your dog prefers a dog basket, please make sure that the dog has a correspondingly large diameter or a corresponding length, so that your dog can stretch completely in this dog. Optimal is at least the length of the dog plus 10 centimeters.

Dog Beds

Dogs Caves

The Sleeps our four-legged friends are becoming more diverse. In addition to the coveted dog coats, cuddly dog caves are gradually becoming a part. These are famous in the form of cats, which have a small cat’s cave or the scratching tree to rest there. The same is now also available for dogs – even in larger formats. For cuddly and cave fans an absolute must!

Dog Beds

Dog Sofa

As already mentioned, dog beds are now in many living rooms already standard. They are available in several different variants. As a rule, the dog sofas are also slightly elevated, so the “human sofa” is imitated. This is a huge joy for many dogs – especially those who are real Sofa freaks.

Dog Beds

Puppy Beds

As the name suggests, there are also special puppy beds. Here, however, one must distinguish between puppy beds, which simply look “sweet” and puppy beds, which also functionally bring with them a lot to keep agile puppies. This includes, for example, features such as the moisture impermeability of the cover, since many puppies are not yet clean or have a special durability of the puppy bed since many puppies like to “take apart” their bed.
Now we roughly differentiated the different terms around dog beds, dog baskets and co-separated from each other.

Dog Beds

Chew Proof Dog Bed

Dog bed, dog cushion, dog caves, dog sofa and puppy bed, are all chew proof dog bed.

“Subcategories” of the dog bed

Also, there are also “subcategories” of the dog bed – for example, special dog beds suitable for very large dogs or orthopedic beds, which are very suitable for dogs with a bone and joint problems.

Orthopaedic Dog Beds

An orthopedic dog bed characterizes in particular by the rising sun core. If this is made of certain materials and fulfills the characteristic of relieving the spine and joints of the dog when lying, the dog bed can be called an orthopedic dog bed. For details, see here.

Dog Beds

XXL Dog Beds

The definition of an XXL dog bed should not be so difficult. This means, of course, beds which are also suitable for large or very large dogs. These include dog breeds such as the Great Dane, the Saint Bernard, the Mastiff or Spanish Mastiff (, etc.). These dog breeds bring loose 80 kg or more on the scales and need corresponding space – and also when sleeping. Many different XXL dog beds for large dogs can be found on this page.

Dog Beds

Leather dog beds

The dog beds made of synthetic leather are so popular because they look very high quality and stylish and also in care are very simple to many dog owners and dogs so. The do cleaning with a cloth and some water. However, it is not only a question of whether the artificial leather dog bed “master” and “mistress” pleases, but whether your four-legged friend likes to be in it. Artificial leather is primarily a cool material that does not keep warm. Not every dog likes this. More types of artificial leather dog beds can be

Exclusive luxury dog beds
Medical dog beds

Dog Beds

Cleaning Of Walls around Dog Beds

This keeps walls next to the dog bed clean

A problem that many dog owners know are the often no longer so beautiful and clean looking walls behind, next to or around the dog bed – depending on whether the dog bed is only placed on a wall or as a corner dog bed on two walls, the Whole above all in the rainy seasons more or less bad look.

With my short-haired bitch, I have fewer problems. It is easy to get dry after a walk in the rain by rubbing it with a towel dry. Not only does the moisture in the fur fly very quickly, but it also dissolves small dirt particles, which then do not land in the apartment.

However, this is somewhat more difficult with my dog. It has only a medium fur, but it is sufficient that some wall looks quite dirty after only a few months – and there is often also “dry and clean rubble” does not help much. At first, I had thought about putting transparent Plexiglas disks in the corridors and in the living room (where his canine bed stands). About the holes & Co, I was then but then something too complicated.

Dog Beds

So I looked around for an alternative and came across transparent and washable wall protectors encountered. You can easily attach these films to the wall and wash them just as easily with a damp cloth. So the wall behind it remains clean, and you do not have to replay at regular intervals or annoy you over a dirty wall.

  • Hygiene is also important around the dog bed
  • Walls on the sides of the dog bed could protect with Plexiglas or transparent wall protection film

3 Tips for Clean Walls Around the Dog Bed

Tip 1: Dry the dog well after the gassy

If you break up with your four-legged friend, just put an old towel or a special dog handkerchief ready or in front of the door. If you come back from the walk, rub your back, belly, and paws of your dog simply dry and clean. This leaves the coarsest dirt in front of the door and does not enter your home.

Tip 2: Dog bed with raised edge

Flat dog beds without raised edges look beautiful and are also comfortable for many dogs. However, they have a disadvantage: as soon as they are standing on a wall, sometimes the wall suffers from it and does not look so nice after a time. If your dog likes to snuggle at a wall or a border, then I recommend you rather a dog bed with a raised edge. This allows your dog to snuggle up.

Tip 3: Place wall protection foil

Looks the wall at the dog bed nevertheless sometimes quite polluted, that I recommend you wall protection films. These transparencies are transparent, easy to install and easy to wash off when your four-legged dog has brought some more dirt back home.

Dog Beds Made of Different Materials

The dog bed is nowadays also a furnishing object. That’s why most dog owners would like the dog bed to be comfortable for the dog, but it also fits into the furniture, so to speak “something hermit.” With several millions of dog owners, wishes are very different. Among the most popular materials are wood, leather, artificial leather, and metal.

Cleaning of Dog Beds

How do I clean my dog bed?

In a dog bed, all kinds of unpleasant things can quickly accumulate. From dog hair to dog saber (gladly also mixed with the remains of a delicious chewing bone or similar) to dirt, which attaches to paws or belly after the walk, can accumulate in the dog basket sometimes.

The depth of dirt, dust, dog hair and the like in the dog’s bed depends on the material of the dog’s bed. You can clean artificial leather dog beds much easier than fabric or plush dog beds – as well as fine particles of fine particles do not settle so deeply in the material in the artificial leather.

To ensure that your dog has enough hygiene, you should clean it at least once a week. In the rather dingy seasons like autumn and winter even more often, as by rain, mud, and snow usually more dirt sticks to the paws and belly of your dog.

I recommend cleaning the dog bed in the following three steps


Whatever material the sleeping place your dog is if you have it at least 1x weekly aspirate. It also depends on how much dirt your dog drags into the basket and how much fur he loses on average. The easiest way is suctioning with an upholstery brush for pet hair or no nozzle. So you can easily remove coarse dirt, sand, soil, fur & Co. Small tip: At best, you used to suck a pet hair vacuum cleaner. I have had very good experiences with it.


If you own a faux leather dog bed, you can personalize it after that with a damp cloth. I always use a microfiber cloth, because you can wipe residual dirt particles and hairs still quite well. Please do not use any aggressive cleaning agents; this does not work well for your dog and the artificial leather material!


Periodically You should check the terms of dog bed also regularly wash. With artificial leather, covers do not usually work, but they can be wiped off. Plush and fabric covers should be washed most carefully, as they often tend to enter or change the shape. Optimally suited for this purpose also a washing machine with the animal hair-washing program that much more pet hair from the terms of dog bed away as “normal” washing programs. This also applies to clothes with many animal hairs.

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