Dog Itching

Itching in the dog, If your dog scratches from time to time, this is normally normal. Like humans, dogs sometimes feel the urge to scratch themselves in one place or another. But if your dog scratches more frequently than usual, you should observe this. Dog Itching can also manifest itself in the form of straining or rubbing in breeds. If you still observe changes in the skin at certain points, this can indicate an unpleasant skin condition.

Itching in The Dog: Causes

Parasites can often trigger the itching. In the dog ‘s muzzle, for example, certain types of mites are caused. Also, dog fleas or tick bites can be very unpleasant for your dog. Bacterial infestations or troublesome infections are also present in dogs. Similar to humans, an allergy to the dog can also cause unpleasant itching. A dog can be allergic to certain food as well as to triggers such as pollen, house dust or fungal spores. Dog Itching can also have psychosomatic causes or stress. Psychiatric disorders include leak dermatitis.

Dog Itching

Symptoms of Dog Itching

If your dog constantly scratches, licks or bites in some places, this is a sign that something is wrong with him. The dog is often stressed. Because the dog itching is in some cases so strong and unpleasant that the dog does not get enough sleep and rest. Reddened skin, dandruff or hair loss can indicate a skin disorder caused by parasites.

Treat Itching With The Dog

Treatment can only be prescribed by the veterinarian when the cause of the itching has been clarified. If this is a disease caused by parasites, regular bathing with a special shampoo can be helpful. If the cause of the dog itching is a dry skin, the dog should not be bathed too often. In the case of allergies, you should first determine what your dog is allergic to. It is not unusual for a feed conversion to occur. Cortisol syringes are often used to relieve dog itching.

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