Dog Costumes for Halloween

Dog Costumes for Halloween
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The weather is cooling down, the wind blows and leaves are littering your lawn. Fall is here and with that comes to think too far ahead of the pressure of the Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas presents. Enjoy October a little fun to brainstorm about what will be dog costumes and how our pets dress up for Halloween. If Fido is indeed ready to celebrate the holiday, please note the following:

Dog Halloween Costumes should never constrict the movement of the animal, barking hearing, breathing or.

Do a dress rehearsal. If your pet seems distressed or shows abnormal behavior regarded reduction to a festive bandanna.

Dog Costumes for Halloween

Keep it simple. Dog costumes with small, dangling or easily chewed unique in asphyxiation.

Costumes that are too loose can be twisted or snagged and cause your pet hurt.

Up! Dog Costumes for Halloween


In honor of Pixar hit movie UP! This little Chihuahua dressed in a hand-drawn house that secures the colorful balloons.

Costume PROS: This puppy is free to eat, drink, listen and bark.

Costume CONS: If a balloon break, wow, that’s puppy in fright! Also, Balloons dragging children, it might choose to chase a few small Halloween Monster this little guy is. For a pet Eeekk!

A pet chia-pet

Only the owner of a small dog could inspire by Chia to do so.

Costume PROS: This puppy looks comfortable in the suit that he wears. As long as he runs, jumps and plays in this costume, I’d say it’s a for Halloween night.

Dog Costumes for Halloween

Costume CONS: The decor in this costume can achieve and some in the mouth fluffy enough for these puppies – which could be a potential choking hazard.

Hide Your Kids – Hide Your Wife

Hail to Antoine Dodson famous TV interview on the Alabama transfer stations.

Dog Costumes for Halloween

Costume PROS: This costume is simple and does not require the movement to restrict dogs total.

Costume CONS: The ears are the partial expression of a dog, and you can have a lot to tell by looking at them. We can not see in this costume. Also, it is not clear from the image, as this sign attached to the dog. Must notice and diagnose everything before done. This could pose an obstacle for these puppies.

Punkin Spice Latte

Who does not love a seasonal, spicy Pug? Something tells me this little guy was dressed with the price to win every year.

Dog Costumes for Halloween

Costume PROS: This costume fits just as there is no danger of him catch his costume or hanged himself.

Costume CON: Beware things like collars or tags etc that you put on the head of your pet and around the neck. The cap seems to be put on by a string. Ensure that headgear never restricted her airway.

Poop Factory

Well, these dog costumes are not only funny but like any dog owner knows … True.

Dog Costumes for Halloween

Costume PROS: This costume looks safe, but no movement of the dog is not restricted; There is nothing that the dog can get to chew out. And he is free enough to run the factory if need be.

Costume CONS: If this dog the opportunity to lie down and relax, his costume could be an obstacle. As comfortable as it looks in the picture, what the puppy a break from dress up time, which I’m sure would be welcome.

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