Dog Constipation

Constipation in dogs can be very unpleasant. In some cases, constipation causes pain to the animal. In the case of dog constipation, the dog can only settle the feces hard and in small quantities. In some cases, you can help your dog if you add some milk to the feed. However, if constipation persists for several days, you must visit the veterinarian.

Dog Constipation: Causes

Constipation occurs when the feed components rapidly accumulate in the intestine, resulting in the thickening of the intestine. The dog can not settle for a longer period of time. One distinguishes between acute and chronic constipation. Chronic constipation occurs when the dog can not move sufficiently due to limited mobility, eg due to hip problems in the dog. A defective diet, inadequate fluid intake or intestinal obstruction in the dog caused by the swallowing of plastic or hair may lead to acute constipation. Constipation can also be caused by the side effects of a drug. Inflammation in the intestinal or anal area can also be a cause of constipation in dogs.

Constipation in Dogs


Signs of Constipation in Dogs

You may notice constipation in dogs if your dog can not put any droppings at the usual times, although he goes into a typical position. The dog can only settle a small amount of the feces, the droppings can be delayed or can be completely absent. Often, the dog, together with the droppings, also excretes bloody mucus, which is called in the technical language pseudo-diarrhea. Loss of appetite, vomiting, and fatigue are often symptoms of constipation.

Treat Dog Constipation

The congestion is to be treated in any case. Often a change of feed is sufficient. If, however, the feed conversion has brought nothing, a veterinarian is to determine a cause for dog constipation and prescribe correct therapy. In the case of a strong blockage, an enema can soften the feces. Laxatives are often prescribed to allow the dog to eject the feces independently. In the case of a tumor or an intestinal obstruction, surgery must be performed.

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