Are Dog Bones or Chewing Bones More Suitable?

Are Dog Bones or Chewing Bones More Suitable?
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As a supplement to normal food, dog bones or chewing bones are clearly more sensible than any snacks.

Because dog snacks often contain a high proportion of grain and sugar, both affect the dogs in old age. Whether teeth or organs, for snacks, should be considered a high meat portion.

Dog Bones for Health

Meat bones are good for the health of the dog. On the one hand, the teeth are cleansed by the rubbing of the bone, and on the other hand, the chewing musculature is stimulated. However, the hard bones of cattle and pigs have the disadvantage that the teeth wear out faster.

A dog is a hunter who can live his bite in the wild. By relocating to the domestic living room, he cannot always follow this natural drive.

The health of the four-legged animals is as important as their own. Living beings are living beings, there must be no differences. The basic nutrition of a dog should be varied.

Cattle Bones from Butcher

Frequently Fleischer for dog bones has left. Just ask in a specialist store if there are any bones left. Ideally, it should be about veal bone or bovine bone.

If these are not present, pigskins also go. Whereupon the salmonella discussion starts immediately. Some dog food advisors and dog owners swear by marrow bones, many people emphasizing that these bones are too hard.

Especially delicious to the bones are for dogs meat constituents and cartilage. The risk of fragmentation exists mainly with boiled bones.

Under no circumstances should you eat boiled poultry bones? These are very pointed and small, can get stuck in the throat quickly and lead to internal injuries.

Dog Bones

Bones of Bovine Skin

Under no circumstances can chewing bones splinter. For chewing bones from cattle skin stiffeners are not to be confused with meat bones. As bone replacement and snack dried rumen strips are, for example, of an ox.

Bones from the Animal Trade

There are also ready-made bones, which are sold packaged in the pet trade. These are preserved and the germs are already killed. Nevertheless, the quality of the products depends.

The most important question to ask is: Where does the bone come from? Again and again, there is meat scandal. Animals are also happy to make money. Due to the taste enhancers and the baking, the lanes are hardly distinguishable from good products.

Diarrhea Due to Too Much Bone Marrow

To strengthen the muscles, a bone should be given once a month. Depending on the breed, the dose can also be taken more often, but please make sure that the stomach and intestinal tract are caused by diarrhea and diarrhea.

It can also be too much bone or bone marrow for the digestion of the dog. The bone marrow contains fat that can lead to diarrhea. Just remember that bone should be just a supplement for the diet and not a substitute.

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