Dog Boarding & Dog Sitters: Information, Tips and Recommendations

Dog Boarding & Dog Sitters: Information, Tips and Recommendations
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The own doghouse is a business idea, which stands for the realization of a hobby and long-term dream. Why not? The statistics encourage a jump into self-employment: 5.4 million animals come to 10 million dog owners. The dog friend has high demands on animal husbandry, dog boarding and cares about his favorites both emotionally and financially. Dog owners want to know about which day or overnight dog boarding near me available. There is the assumption that a potential market with a high customer potential for professionally managed dog suspensions exists if a master is professionally prevented or once without a dog travels.

Dog Boarding Facilities Near Me

Prerequisites For A Dog Boarding Kennels House

Pets and Dogs Are Allowed

However, keeping boarding for dogs means more than the usual business start-up of a service. Definitely dog boarding costs it could not be free service. A lot of animal boarding near me are available like in dog boarding Austin and dog boarding Houston etc. Rather, it is a real life-task of conviction, which requires a high degree of personal commitment and empathy, with comparatively low earning potentials.

Dog Boarding and Training

The operator of a pet accommodation combines animal love with service and entrepreneur spirit. Here you can find out more about the professional image of the animal welfare manager.

Location of Pet Kennels

Of decisive importance is the location of the pet kennels. For example, a natural location in the country is favorable, but with good traffic connections near a city. Various facilities, a safe area, a generous outdoor area and play and storage rooms are part of the basic equipment. Who has not been a corresponding plot should first expect high investment costs and loans.

Animal Boarding Near Me

A sound business plan and a detailed location analysis to help make important decisions. The dog owner must consider that the pet boarding near me is easy to connect in all situations or not. From a dog care in the rental or studio is not recommended!


For performing a kennel, an official recognition is necessary. The so-called proficiency examination by Animal Welfare Act can fill with the competent veterinary. Proofs obtained through professional training or work placements could calculate.

Professional Pet Sitters Near Me

Personal Skills and Knowledge

Dog love alone is not enough to establish dog kennels. Long-term experiences with dogs and dog training should be self-evident. Further training in animal husbandry and education as well as basic knowledge of veterinary medicine round off the profile of a professional owner of a dog’s pension.

Overnight Dog Boarding Near Me

Can One Live From A Dog Kennels?

The prices for a dog accommodation depend on the size of the dog and the length of stay. On average, this is 18 – 25 euros per day, so many dog hotels also take significantly higher day rates. On the cost side, among other things, building entertainment, furnishings, food, medication, and the staff is on the agenda. Profit margins are not very high.

Future Prospects

To be a successful company nevertheless, you should offer the customers added value. These may be, for example, specializations in the form of additional wellness services for dogs. A better financial security is also the combination with dog school or puppy training so that even outside the dog boarding and training money comes to the cash desk.Find a Dog Sitters Near Me

Dog Sitter

Dog sitters must experience with dogs. Try to find a dog sitters near me or professional pet sitters near me. The dog education, the walk to the dog place or the dog school, or the dog sports club, the walk with your dog to the vet must belong to him like a dog sitter.  The pet sitters associates must offer loving dog care in vacation, disease, seminars, and weekend trips, etc. Dog babysitters must be friendly and loving with the dog so that dog remains comfortable in his company and dog training. Sitting dog’s comfort and behavior completely depend on pet sitter. If the critter sitters or pet sitter is good, then the animals will behave well otherwise pet could be anonymous and became mad anytime.

Pet Sitters Associates

Job Profile

Whoever wants to lead a successful dog retirement must offer more than the mere storage of animals. Facilities such as a connected dog salon, dog training, sale of forage and animal accessories are appreciated by the customers. Most importantly, the optimal care for the entrusted pet remains. To ensure the 24 hours a day, you should only operate an animal board with helpers.

Dog Boarding Austin

The investment costs depend on whether you are planning a new building or if you rather pay rent. The following basic data should be taken into account: If two people can live from the income, at least 20 boxes for dogs or 40 accommodations for cats (or a combination of 10 dogs and 20 cats) must be provided. During school holidays the pet kennels should be derecognised be occupied during the rest of the year, at least half. Current costs such as rent, interest, insurance, food, etc. must necessarily be included in the financial analysis. A pet board with a high standard can demand a dog holder about 12 euros, a cat holder about 8 euros daily.


An animal boarding can and a corresponding trade can and may only register,

  • Who has completed a theoretical and practical examination for a doctor’s office by the Animal Welfare Act


  • Who has completed a state-recognized or other education or further education (e.g., veterinarians, veterinarians)


  • Who has demonstrated the requisite professional knowledge using an examination of an association recognized as equivalent by the highest regional authority

Pet Boarding Near Me

Conditions For Dog Boarding

A dog boarding facilities near me may not be built in a purely residential area. It is best to choose a location that is as far away as possible from the residential area so as not to bother neighbors with dog bark or smells. The size and the equipment of the dog kennels, enclosures or boxes are defined by the Animal Protection Dog Regulations of 02.05.2001.

Dog Boarding Kennels


Without a contract, you should never take dogs into the pension. The dog boarding contract should include both the identity of the dog and the owner (identity card), a telephone number for the emergency, the duration of the pension, the costs and additional services. The contract should include a clause which excludes the liability of the pension if the dog falls ill with no fault of the pension. Also, the pet owner should sign that he is paying for any necessary veterinary treatment. It is also beneficial if one decides contractually what should be done with non-picked animals.

Dog Boarding Houston

Advantages and Disadvantages of A Dog Boarding

Well in dog boarding, driving a dog’s dorm is time and labor intensive. A 24-hour readiness for the entrusted animals is not rare. The merit is seasonal. However, it lures a fulfilling activity that enables real animal lovers to realize a dream.

Find a dog sitters near me or the dog boarding could be a good choice because they provide the security and shelter to the dog. The dog  has huge area in boarding kennels to enjoy. either then all these the dog sitters pay very high attention to our beloved dogs 🙂 if you have any experience good or bad about dog boarding or dog sitters please share with us in comments 🙂

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