Full Guide: When and Why Do You Need A Dog Bite Attorney

Full Guide: When and Why Do You Need A Dog Bite Attorney
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Dog Bite AttorneyA dog bite may seem something silly but it’s far from it. Only in the United States, a considerable number of people die for a dog bite yearly. Generally, the victim suffers terrible scars and permanent nerve damage. Not to say that psychological damage is even worse than the bite itself. In these cases, the best course of action is to hire a dog bite attorney. Liability law is not the same around the world.

In the United States, for example, this law is different in every state. In Michigan, they apply strict liability, making the dog owner responsible for any damage or harm caused to the victim.

In America, the law protects the individual if bitten in a public place. Now, if the person is injured in the owner’s property, there are two possible venues:

  • The owner is liable if he encouraged his pet to attack the victim.
  • The owner is also responsible if the dog is violent and he has taken no action to sort out this issue.

More importantly, if the person gets harmed without provocation, the owner is at fault for all damages.

Either case, the attorney must prove that the defendant is actually the dog’s owner and that the dog bit.

Usually, identifying the dog’s owner is complicated, especially if licensing and vaccination records are non-existent.

On the other side, photos, eyewitnesses and medical records are used as evidence to prove substantial damage.

In most states like Michigan, a well-behaved dog doesn’t guarantee that the owner is exempt from liability.

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What To Do if The Defendant Claims the Dog was Provoked?

Very often, assurance companies claim that the child provoked the dog and for this reason, the child is to blame for the situation. But for the court in most cases, this assertion is not accepted.

Vicious dogs attack children even when they are behaving themselves running at the park or playing at the playground.

Time to Bring A Dog Bite Claim

You shouldn’t wait for too much to file a claim and get in touch with lawyers specializing in dog bites. Under Michigan’s law, the victim has up to three years to do it but waiting, for one, not a wise decision at all. If you get hurt by a dog, you should seek a dog bite attorney.

When the person is under 18, she doesn’t rush to seek help but waits too much instead. It is recommended that the child’s parents or legal guardians take charge of the situation. If the minor gets bitten at 17, he still has up to two years to call a lawyer in Michigan. Being careless to bring a dog bite claim is counterproductive.

Worth of The Dog Bite Case

At first sight, it’s pretty hard to determine the dog bite case worth. The attorney must make an assessment of all damages, including the psychological ones. After that, he engages in negotiation with the other side.

In case of permanent scarring, the dog bite attorney can nail down the total cost of the case with more precision. Some wait a few months to see if the bite caused permanent skin damage or not.

Recommendations after A Dog Bite

Whenever you go through this terrible experience, follow these steps. If you read them and remain none the wiser, print the information for use in case of emergency.

Expert advice

  • Rinsing the wound with soap just after the attack. Use warm water and not cold.
  • Calling the doctor or any healthcare center as soon as possible. If you find yourself in medical distress, calling an ambulance is better. They will address your problem promptly.
  • Report the accident. Lawyers recommend going to the Animal Control agency. You should at least know the address of the pet owner. Tell them the dog’s name if you have this information.
  • If it is a stray dog, you should report the attack as well. Of course, it would be impossible to give information such as dog’s name and owner’s name here. Instead, tell them what it looked like and where it supposedly headed to following the bite.
  • To play it safe, turn to the Bernstein Advantage. You will protect your legal rights through this method.

Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Dog Bites

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  • If you encounter a vicious dog, don’t try to escape. If you behave nervously, everything will turn out badly. The dog will attack like you are a threat.
  • Disturbing a dog while it’s caring for its puppies is wrong. You can crop a bite.
  • Additionally, these animals don’t like to be disturbed when eating or drinking. Children usually get a bite when they throw objects at them. This is one of the most common causes for dog bites.
  • Dogs tend to give chase when the person runs. It’s part of their animal instinct. Avoid running and stand still instead.
  • Talk to your children about dog bites consider that most of these incidents occur to minors. Warn them against startling dogs while sleeping.
  • Sometimes, these measures don’t work. When the dog attacks, the most important thing is to remain motionless. It’s a very good strategy to make the dog lose interest in you. Wait until the animal is out of sight and back off slowly. Screaming can prompt the dog to run at you.
  • If none of the previous tactics had an effect, feed the dog with anything near you. Fling your jacket, shoe, or anything else at it to protect yourself.
  • If you happen to fall down or the dog knocked you to the floor, roll yourself and cover your ears with your hands. Don’t move or roll around.
  • As these measures are not enough sometimes, therefore call for medical assistance when getting bitten.
  • The most effective way to prevent dog bites is to practice safety in these situations. For example, parents should tell their children not to chase dogs, no matter if they look inoffensive.
  • The major part of dog bites occurs when children disturb dogs. Keep an eye on your kid and never leave him with your puppy for too long.
  • Keep away from dogs you know have been confined. Approaching them is potentially dangerous.
  • Some dogs wag their tails while barking. Stay away from them. Tail-wagging and barking indicate the animal is under stress. They don’t always want to play.
  • It goes without saying that taking the dog or toy from a dog is absolutely a no-no.
  • On the other hand, some dog owners tend to discipline their pets by hitting. These discipline methods can cause the dog to have a tendency to bite without provocation.

Factors that Determine Michigan Dog Bite Settlement

To determine Michigan dog bite settlement, lawyers must study the case and along with all factors involved. There are certain circumstances to consider.

It is necessary to learn about the dog bite statutes in this area to know what to do and what to expect.

The owner must prove that the victim did provoke his dog. It is actually the only defense to the dog bite. If the victim snuck into the owner’s property, the owner won’t be liable for that. But these cases are truthfully uncommon, so to speak.

Nonetheless, there are other atypical cases where attorneys also take part in. They call these cases common law strict liability claims. This occurs when a person adopts a vicious dog knowing its propensities. A claim is still possible if the animal bit somebody years ago.

There are other ways to ascertain dog bite settlement amounts in Michigan. Dog owners can be held liable if they are negligent. A typical case is when in a public place, the dog’s owner does nothing to solve a particular situation. He’ll have to pay for compensations if any injury is caused.

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Types of Compensation for Michigan Dog Bite Cases

The type of physical harm will determine the type of compensation. If the damage was small, so is the compensation. Consequently, dog bite attorneys identify the physical damages that lead them to the type of compensation.

Compensation is also determined by these elements:

  • Possible future medical expenses. Past medical expenses also count.
  • Lost wages. The victim must claim for the wages she lost off work.
  • Throbbing pain because of the bite.

Once the compensation is determined, the dog bite attorney will negotiate with the dog owner insurance company. Mostly, these companies clear the compensation in case of harm or damage. A lawsuit comes to be unnecessary if the two sides, the dog bite attorney, and the insurance company, reach an agreement.

If the dog’s owner is not insured, the settlement will be paid with difficulty. He would face lawsuit knowing that the compensation will be hard to pay since there are no insurance companies participating.

Yet, these cases can’t remain unsolved. If both sides go to the court, the jury will ask for evidence. Generally, both parties agree on the settlement. Otherwise, the jury has the final decision.

Knowing the Right Time to File a Lawsuit in Case of A Dog Bites

If you are in the United States, mind the fact that every state has their own limits for suing a person.

There’s something called Michigan dog bite statute of limitations. It refers to the limit of time a person can sue a person for a damage caused. In Michigan, the deadline is 3 years. But this law varies in most regions.

Finding The Deadlines in Your State

In America, the statute of limitation to file a claim ranges from 1 to 6 years. The minimum deadline is 2 or 3 years. Ask a dog bite attorney to evaluate your situation even if you moved from your former jurisdiction.

Here’s a list of the 50 states with their corresponding statute of limitation. Give it a glance.

The Situation if The Deadline Has Passed

There are many chances of getting the claim rejected after the deadline passed. You can try but your claim will be probably disregarded. You can also negotiate with the dog’s owner to agree on the compensation without filing a lawsuit. To avoid issues, charge the owner immediately after the bite.

Contacting a dog bite attorney is essential. This professional helps you find a solution for your case. If the odds are stacked against you, he will tell you not to insist.

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Best Dog Bite Attorney Websites and Law Firms

Atlanta Dog Bite AttorneyFinding the right dog bite lawyer can take some time. It is best to ask friends and relatives for information first. They can give you information from the horse’s mouth.

The other option is Google. Tap out “dog bite lawyers near me” and check the different options available in your area.

Here are some useful websites that can provide the information you are looking for.

  1. Legal Match

Legal Match is a directory.

You can find the solution for almost any legal issue including dog bite cases here. You just need to enter the zip code and it will display the information by zone. Legal Match lawyers don’t charge fees upfront. Plus, it is easy to find an attorney near your area through Smart search. On the main page, the site also portrays reviews of the best dog bite defense attorneys in Michigan.

  1. Saint Bernstein Law Firm

One of the outstanding dog bite law firm sites on the Internet. Saint Bernstein site offers you a free live chat with the specialists. Submit your name, last name and telephone number to submit your case. The main page contains a blog with the FAQ answered briefly. The testimonials speak for themselves.

  1. Michigan Dog Bite Lawyers

Gold and Associates make up of a great team of elite dog bite attorneys residing in Michigan. They guide you through every step of the process. Once you contact a Michigan Dog Bite lawyer, they’ll discuss your personal injury case. Added to that, they guarantee they’ll go farther to charge the dog’s owner with negligence. They’ll collect the necessary information to handle the case in court if necessary.

  1. Grysen and Associates

Dr. Grycen is a specialist in medicine and law. He focuses on physical damage to help dog victims get the best compensation. Dr. Grycen got his medical degree at Wayne State University and is an important member of the State Bar of Arizona. Personal injury is arguably Grysen’s specialty. He’s won many cases in which a lot of money is involved.

  1. Dog Bites in Michigan

This site is run by a crack team of dog bite attorneys. The company is located in Bloomfield Hills and they cope with dog bite cases throughout the state. The consultation is free. They understand that every dog bite is unique. Dog Bites in Michigan specializes in different types of law including Michigan law on dog biting another dog.

  1. Buckfire Law firm

Regardless of the victim’s age, Buckfire can handle many types of dog bite cases. This company is recognized for having the highest settlement awards in Michigan.

The goal of this firm is to obtain the best compensation from the dog owner’s insurance business. This reduces the risk of losing a long-life friendship if you get bitten by your friend’s puppy.

  1. Mike Morse Law firm

Mike Morse’s slogan is NO FEES UNTIL WE WIN.

Mike Morse is a dog bite law erudite who has been handling cases for over 20 years. He’s a litigated a lot of cases that are worth several hundred thousand dollars.

Scheduling a Free consultation with Mike Morse team is a breeze. These lawyers are quick to respond. And they will charge nothing until they win.

  1. Dailey Law firm

Dailey is another prestigious company in this field. At Dailey, the consultation is free and they will no charge fees unless they win your case. They boast about having the top Michigan dog bite attorneys. Dailey shrinks from nothing as they can cope with almost any size of cases, no matter what.

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