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Read about common dog diseases and help protect your dog's health. We educate you on the signs, symptoms and treatments of Dog Diseases.


Indication for X-Ray in Dogs

The x-ray in dogs can be useful if the dog has pain, but the reason for the pain is not recognizable at first glance. If the veterinarian suspects that the cause of the pain may...
Ultrasound in dogs

Ultrasound in Dogs: Method for the Diagnosis of Diseases

An ultrasound examination, also called sonography, is a reliable method for establishing a diagnosis. The result of sonography is a black-and-white image. The bones are shown in the image black, liquid white, the different...

Treat Diarrhea in Dog and Avoid it

If the dog is tortured while doing his business tormented because he has diarrhea, the search for the cause begins. Is something hit his stomach? Or does he have an infection? We explain what...
Swelling in Dogs

Swelling in the dog

Swelling in the Dog - often frightening, but not always dangerous If you have a knot under your skin with your dog, you should first rest. For not every tumor in the dog is malignant...
Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies And Dog Allergy Testing

Dog Allergies are increasing problem nowadays so, you can follow the dog allergy testing to get rid of allergies to your dog. The reason for increasingly frequent allergies in dogs, according to many experts,...

Dog Itching

Itching in the dog, If your dog scratches from time to time, this is normally normal. Like humans, dogs sometimes feel the urge to scratch themselves in one place or another. But if your...
Dog Constipation

Dog Constipation

Constipation in dogs can be very unpleasant. In some cases, constipation causes pain to the animal. In the case of dog constipation, the dog can only settle the feces hard and in small quantities....
Mange in The Dog

Canine Scabies: Mange in The Dog

Canine Scabies- Mange in the dog is a high-risk skin disease caused by tiny spiders, called mites. The muzzle can be transferred from one dog to the other. Already after a short contact with an...

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