What Is A Healthy Diet Plan For Great Pyrenees?

What Is A Healthy Diet Plan For Great Pyrenees?
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The breed of Great Pyrenees is an outclassed among all other breeds due to its unique and attractive appearance. The dog is surprisingly beautiful with a good body size. The male breed weighs up to 100 pounds and has measurements ranging from 27 to 32 inches. In the case of a female breed, they usually weigh up to 85 pounds. The measurements are 25 to 29 inches in height. If you own it as your pet, then you have to take a good care of its diet. People who are keeping it for the first time must be curious to know about its diet and food. I will guide you in this regard.

An Ideal Diet Plan For Your Great Pyrenees

If your dog is in his first year of life, then it means that he needs a healthy food because it’s the time of development and growth of these Great Pyrenees puppies. So if your dog eats more food then no need to worry because it is natural for him to behave like this. When he is a puppy, then you have to give him a high-quality dog food so that all his diet requirements are fulfilled. When a diet is not appropriate, then it will have a direct effect on the health of your Great Pyrenees.great-pyrenees

It is very important that your dog is fed a day thrice. Notice his diet well and once he can finish his food comfortably then it’s the time to increase the food portion. The development goes on, and now the meal is to be served twice a day with sufficient amount of dog food to fulfill his diet need. You must provide him fresh water to drink more often. Don’t worry to see the intake of dog because dogs of such breed are habitual to eat the greater quantity of food.


Once he becomes a grown up, then it’s your duty to purchase a larger quantity of dog food for him every month. It is a large breed of dog, so the food has to be large as well regarding quantity. If you have enough experience of keeping pets, then you will yourself observe that the food requirements of Great Pyrenees are higher than the other dog breeds.

You will relax to know that the Great Pyrenees temperament composes of peaceful nature. With this behavior, the metabolism of works well and the food is easily digested without any difficulty. The coat of this dog is very important, and it has directly to deal with his health. Make sure the diet of Pyrenees is full of vitamins and minerals otherwise its coat will not remain healthy as before.

Dry Or Wet Dog Food, Which Is Better?

great-pyreneesThis answer has different aspects for different people. But the majority of people agree at one point that it is advisable to give a mixture of dry along with wet food to the dog of this breed.

Although the calorie intake should be less but ensure that it is of good quality. When the dog is not fed properly, and this persisting feeling of hungriness will make him aggressive. You can observe some behavioral changes at this point.

It is also fine to go for lamb formula dog food for the Pyrenees due to its greater fat content. Avoid giving corn based dog food because it is of enough nutritional value for this kind of breed. So for a thick coat, its diet is very important.

great-pyreneesOne more thing to be kept in mind is that the diet needs to be changed at every season in order to maintain the health of your dog. The summer days are hotter, so the Great Pyrenees dog will feel a little down till the temperature becomes bearable. So this will lead to less intake of a dog on the part of your dog in summer. In the case of winter, the dog remains highly energetic and the intake of daily food also increases considerably. So this is all about the diet and daily food requirements of this breed. Also, keep in mind that every dog breed is different from the other in terms of food requirements and eating habits. You have to diagnose and observe your particular dog in case of healthy and nutritional diet.

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