Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information

Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information
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All About Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed

Size: Cocker Spaniel is about 40cm

Weight: 12-15kg

Coat: smooth, silky, well feathered

Color: many colors allowed for Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed, e.g. black, red, liver, brown, white with blue or red badge

Common Diseases: congenital vestibular syndrome, ear infections

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years

FCI Group 8, Section 2: Brows, with work test

Cocker Spaniel: Story

Cocker Spaniel has been around since the 14th century. They were meant to hunt down the deer and the birds and to retrieve them after the shot. They were also used in the falconry and the water. The origin of the term “Spaniel” has not been clarified. On the one hand, it could indicate a Spanish origin, on the other hand, it could derive from the Celtic word “Spain,” to German “rabbit.” Also a derivation from the old French verb “s’espagner”, in the US “be called or to Spy” or in German “would be” a possibility.

Over the centuries, different Spaniel types emerged. The Cocker Spaniel was used, in particular, to scare away Woodcock, from which its name derives. Around 1900, the different Spaniel varieties were gradually recognized as independent breeds by the British Kennel Club.

Even today, the English Cocker Spaniel is used as a hunting dog, especially in England and Scotland. But it is much more common now as a family and exhibition dog. In many European countries, the Cocker Spaniel has belonged to the Top Ten of the most popular dog breeds for many years.

Cocker Spaniels dog breeds

Behavior And Being

A Cocker Spaniel is a good mood package, almost always cheerful, full of vitality and very enthusiastic. In his family, he is adorable, playful, and cuddly, and even to strangers, he easily builds friendships. As a guard or rescue dog, it is conditionally suitable. He likes to report and with fervor, but can easily be convinced of the good intentions of the visit.

The typical cocker spaniel is self-confident, sometimes self-centered, but without a tendency to dominance. Dog Training or Education is usually not difficult. Most of them still have youthful exuberance and temperament. Cocker is considered to be very popular, which makes education about rewards easy. However, you have to teach him not to play “vacuum cleaner” outside and of course, pay attention to his slim line.

In the open, he is tireless, loves the rummaging and tracking of traces, which should be steered early to be able to drain him in the woods and fields. Alternative employment, for example in the form of dummy work, he gladly accepts. If the Cocker Spaniel is to be hunted, an appropriate working breed should be considered (see contact below).

Cocker Spaniels dog breeds

Posture And Care

Because of his good-natured, uncomplicated and humorous nature, a Cocker Spaniel dog is a good family dog. He always likes to be part of it, sometimes almost pushy and loves every kind of employment with his family. He does not need a garden, but a lot of movement and employment outdoors. Nose Work or assortment sport or games is offered, but also e.g. Agility or Dog Dance is to be inspired. Many cockers also like to swim.

He usually understands well with other domestic animals, but when hunting small animals, he can go out with him in the hunt. With foreign dogs, most Cocker Spaniels dogs are tolerable and playful, assuming a good socialization. With his intelligence and enthusiasm, the cocker is quite easy to educate, but he also quickly learns how to wrap his people around his fingers and use situations to his advantage. So, as with every dog, the Cocker Spaniel is very important.

The coat of Cocker Spaniels dog breeds should be regularly brushed, especially on the ears and the barrels, so it does not mat. The long drumming drums have to be regularly checked for parasites, but also for grass seeds and similar and cleaned if necessary.

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