Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? What the Experts Recommend

Can dogs eat popcorn or is popcorn a healthy food for dogs? Is one of the frequently asked questions around the web? In this article, I would like to discuss popcorn and dogs. Popcorn is a healthy food for human beings as well as for dogs. The air popped corns have very high nutritional value because they are a good source of dietary fiber which not only helps in improving digestion but I good for the digestive system as well. Popcorns also contain vitamin B and thiamine which maintains the energy levels of the body. Dogs can eat popcorns in boiled form and moderate quantity.

When does a person ask can I give my dog popcorn? The answer to this question is dogs can eat popcorns, but they are not recommended in higher quantities. Although providing few popcorns is not that bad, but they should not be consumed on a daily basis. When the dog consumes popcorn in salted, flavored and buttered form, then it is not a healthy choice for dogs. In fact, any oily, sugary or salted food is dangerous for dogs. If you cannot eliminate these kinds of food from dog’s diet, then you should restrict this diet as low as possible.

What Kinds of Popcorn Should I Give to My Dog?

When it comes to unsalted and unflavored popcorns, then you must keep in mind that these simple types are not harmful to dogs in moderate amount. You can give your dog popcorn treat as well for the purpose of training as it will not cause any harm. It is a good snack with so many health benefits and provides extra energy for the body.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn

What Are the Downsides of Popcorn?

When it comes to flavored and salted popcorn, then its long term use can harm your dog’s health. You need to make no mistake and also aware your friends about this especially who own their pets.

The experts say that when a dog eats salty or sweet artificial flavors, then it leads to various problems such as obesity, diabetes, diarrhea and arthritis. In rare cases, dogs can also experience organ failure, so you need to take extra care if you love your pet. If you are eating the sweet kernels of popcorn and your dog swallow them without your knowledge, then they can upset his stomach because the kernels are not easily digestible.

What Are the Alternatives of Popcorn?

There are a lot of snacks available in the market that can be given to the dogs instead of popcorn. These snacks can also clean your dog’s teeth and are much safer than any popcorn variety.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn: Conclusion

The final words to the question can dogs eat popcorn? Popcorn won’t cause any harm to your dog if given on special occasions. However, it is certainly not an alternative to the daily snack. Therefore, it is better to avoid popcorn and look for healthy alternatives.

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