Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Is It A Healthy Fruit

Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Is It A Healthy Fruit
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Orange is a healthy fruit, with lots of juiciness, flavor, and benefits. Orange is a winter fruit. It is liked by everyone across the globe, but the question here is Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Well, in short answer, YES dogs can have oranges. Oranges are a healthy diet for your dog. It’s a good source of vitamins and minerals. However, some people think that citric acid present within the oranges is harmful to dog’s health, this is not true. It can be only dangerous when you feed your dog with lots of oranges.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges: Nutrients In Oranges

Oranges contain lots of nutrients, which play a major role in dog’s health. Following are some nutrients found in oranges with their benefits.

  1. VITAMIN C helps in improving the immune system.
  2. VITAMIN A helps in the circulation of blood.
  3. CALCIUM is good for bones and teeth of your dog.
  4. PROTEIN helps in improving the immune system and helps in preventing dogs from various diseases.
  5. POTASSIUM helps in protection from bones disease. It helps in making bones strong.

All these nutrients have a great effect on dog’s health.

Benefits Of Oranges

Oranges in small quantity is a healthy fruit for your dog, as it contains a lot of nutrients and a small amount of sodium.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges

Oranges boost the immune system of your dogs. It helps in removal of toxic materials from the body. Oranges are good for bones and muscles. It helps in the movement of dogs muscles. It is good for the liver.

In How Much Quantity Can Dogs Have Oranges

Before feeding your dog with oranges on a regular basis, give it two or three peels once a day. Check how your dog’s stomach reacts.

Can Dogs Have Oranges

Well, oranges can be a part of the daily meal. Feed your dogs oranges but in less quantity. It can be dangerous as it contains natural sugar. Hence, a lot of oranges on a daily basis can be a problem.

Is Orange Safe For Dogs

Well, yes the frequently asked question by every dog’s owner is Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Yes, they can have oranges. Eating orange on a daily basis fulfill the VITAMIN C requirements in your dog’s body. Orange is safe for dogs. It contains plenty of nutrients and minerals in it.

Are Oranges Good for Dogs

The thing you should be careful about is the excess use of orange daily can be dangerous. It contains natural sugar which can be big trouble. Excess of oranges can cause diarrhea and many other stomach issues.

You should not worry when you feed your dog with, two or three slices of oranges, on a daily basis.

Are Oranges Bad For Dogs

If your dog is suffering from diabetes or any stomach issue, Then first diagnose the health issues and don’t feed them oranges. Vitamin C and natural sugar in oranges can be a whole new problem if you feed your dog with oranges.

Small puppies and young dogs should also avoid having oranges, as this can affect their blood. Dogs suffering from stomach issues should avoid eating oranges, as this can lead to swearing diarrhea.

Are Oranges Bad for Dogs

How Dogs Should Be Given Oranges

Oranges can be part of your dog’s daily meal. Ripe and peeled oranges should be given to dogs.

You can give your dog orange juice, slightly cooked oranges and in raw form. In all forms, it is safe. Take out the seeds before giving to dogs. Avoid peels and seed, giving to your dogs.


Oranges are safe for your dog, as it contains lots of nutrients. It prevents dogs from various diseases. Peeled and ripe orange should be given, avoid giving seeds and peels. I hope the information about “CAN DOGS EAT ORANGES?” is useful for you. Do give us your feedback.

Yes to Can Dogs Eat Oranges, but in moderation. As citrus foods are not healthy diet for dogs. You can feed oranges to your dog only on occasions as they are vital source of Vitamin C. Oranges are dangerous and bad for dogs with diabetes.

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    Fuchsia says

    My dog too loves oranges! I always serve orange segments as evening snack or as training treat for my dog. He loves orange pulps and even homemade orange juices. I do not add sugars on orange juices made for my dog. It is what saves my dog from digestive issues! As you said, pet parents must stay at limits while serving fruits to their dogs. Also, they should never be lazy to remove peels and seeds!

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