Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers, Like Sour or Green Salad Cucumbers?

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers, Like Sour or Green Salad Cucumbers?
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Can dogs eat cucumbers? We have good news because dogs are allowed to eat cucumbers. Only with cucumbers from your own garden, you should take care.

Can Dogs Eat Green Cucumbers

Cucumbers are very popular with us as a salad or as a side dish in the cold kitchen. Due to their extremely high-water content, they are an ideal refreshment, especially on hot summer days. Cucumbers contain almost no calories. That is why the vegetables are one of the healthy slimming products.

However, what is positive and healthy for us humans do not have to be for our four-legged friends. This is why dog owners are always asking themselves: Can dogs have cucumbers?

Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs

In general, if your dogs like cucumbers the answer is yes to are cucumbers good for dogs. Cucumbers can occasionally be ideal for animals that drink little. Cucumbers can be added in small pieces, grated or pureed to the feed.

The cucumber can also be a good addition to the diet. Then peel the cucumber. Combined with rice, cottage cheese, and some chicken, it results in an optimal dietary diet.

Are Cucumbers Bad for Dogs

Cucumber for dogs are good but some time they become bad for your pet. As cucumber contain a lot of fiber and water, which is good for health but in some cases it can cause diarrhea in dogs. If diarrhea persists more than 2 -3 days then must consult your veterinarians and go for x-rays or ultrasound tests etc. There is another case that in some cases cucumber cause the pain in stomachs. So yes is to are cucumbers bad for dogs but in some cases like, if you give cucumber on regular basis without precautions.

Ingredients in Cucumbers

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers

Cucumbers belong to the family of pumpkin plants. Known cucumbers are as:

  • Salad cucumber
  • Snake cucumber
  • Pickled cucumber or gherkin

Cucumbers contain about 95 percent of water. They contain vitamins of the B group, vitamin C and E. Also, minerals are abundant in the cucumber. These include calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Most of the healthy ingredients are found in the shell of this vegetable variety. Cucumbers also have special enzymes that can cleave proteins. This promotes digestion. In addition, these enzymes kill bacteria in the intestine and ensure their cleansing.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers with Sour

Many dogs love cucumbers. Some even eat passionately the inserted variant. When cucumbers are inserted, always make sure that your dog does not get too much of it. For vinegar, garlic and mustard seeds are not compatible with the dog in large quantities and even toxic so it’s no to can dogs eat cucumbers with sour? Cucumbers can easily be cultivated in the garden and are available commercially throughout the year.

Can Dogs Have Cucumbers with Bitter

Before you give your dog the cucumber, simply taste if it tastes bitter. If not, everything is in order and the dog can easily enjoy the cucumber. If the cucumber tastes bitter, however, it is better for both you and your dog to do without the pleasure.  The bitter taste of cucumber is always due to cucurbitacin. So, you should not be deterred from the bitter substances to occasionally feed cucumbers to your dog. So you can’t feed bitter cucumber to dogs.

Can dogs have cucumbers with bitter? Big No to this because cucurbitacin can even become life-threatening for humans. Time and again serious poisonings are known. First symptoms of poisoning in the dog are vomiting, diarrhea, heavy saliva and dizziness. If a larger quantity is taken, the animal may be shocked or even killed.

Can Dogs Have Cucumbers

Be Careful with Cucumbers from Your Own Garden

If you grow your cucumbers in the garden, you should be very careful. After the cucumber counts to the pumpkin plants, it can contain toxic cucurbitacin. These are bitter substances.

With commercially available cucumbers the bitter substances bred away and are generally no longer present. If, however, you grow cucumbers, pumpkins and zucchini in your own garden, you should take care to use new seeds from the market every year.

If you repeatedly sow seeds of your self-grown plants, the original characteristics may return. Then the vegetables can again contain bitter substances. Very rarely this can be the case with bought vegetables.


You will be happy to have an answer to the question, Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Yes, if your dog loves cucumber, you could feed it to your dog but don’t ever feed bitter or sour cucumbers to your dog.

Dogs can eat cucumbers, it could be a good treat for dogs. But if you will fed cucumber to your dog on daily basis then it will cause mild pain or diarrhea in dog stomach. Yes to can dogs eat cucumbers. Must share your experience at DogsOrb about dogs and cucumbers either cucumbers treat is good or bad for you dog.

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