Can Dogs Eat Corn? Or Is Corn Bad for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Corn? Or Is Corn Bad for Dogs
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The yellow sweet grains are also a very special treat for so many quadrupeds. But can a dog eat maize at all? Can dogs eat corn? or is corn bad for dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat corn but the amount should be small. If your dog takes it in excessive amount then corn will definitely cause danger. So, you should be conscious about quantity. Many dogs love the yellow grains and even eat the fresh corncobs, which grow in the summer in the field.

Healthy Ingredients in Corn

Here’s the simple and clear answer to why can dogs eat corn? Because corn consists of about 70 percent water. It also contains fat, protein and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates like glucose, fructose, and sucrose make the corn so pleasantly sweet.

The sugar content is highest after harvesting. The longer it is stored, the less sweetness it contains. The sugar is then slowly converted into starch. Corn is rich in provitamin A, contains the various B vitamins, vitamin C and E. Also, minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and sodium are abundantly contained in the small grains.

In addition, corn is rich in linoleic acid. It is one of the essential fatty acids and contributes to the dog’s healthy skin and shiny coat. As a corn substitute cornmeal has the advantage absolutely gluten-free. This is especially important when your dog is allergic to cereals. However, maize itself is suspected of triggering allergies.

However, with the slightest suspicion of a serotonin deficiency, you should give your dog no corn to eat. Here you can see how the amino acids of the maize are associated with L-tryptophan.

Can Dogs Eat Corn on Cobs

Can Dogs Eat Corn on cobs?

No matter either your dog is eating corn in bowl or corn on the cob. But Fresh corn coming from the field cannot be used by dogs. In addition, field maize is often contaminated with toxic pesticides.

You should give your dog the fresh corn cobs only to play or snack if you are sure they are not injected. Also look for cans on organic products and only feed them in moderation. The sugar in the corn can contribute to overweight.

How to Give Corn to Dog

Corn from a can is very popular with most dogs. However, you should mash the corn best so that the dog can digest the ingredients optimally. You could also boil are could mix the corn with some other vegetables or fruits too. If the dog eats the whole grains, these are digested undigested.

Can Dogs Eat Corn

Corn Origination from Mexico

Corn originated originally from the tropical rainforests of Mexico and was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus from the Caribbean. Today more than one billion tons of corn are harvested worldwide. A large part of the crop comes from the trade as feedstuffs and is therefore also present as a favorable filler in many dog fodder varieties.

In Latin America, Africa and also in Europe, it is a popular food. The grains and corns come pre-cooked in cans or jars packed in the supermarket and can be further processed in the kitchen.


Hopefully, after reading this article, all of your confusions are cleared about “can dogs eat corn or not”. Always try to feed all the vegetables and fruits to your pets because all have some natural ingredients which are necessary for them. But must be aware of the quantity and quality of food.

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