Can Dogs Eat Chocolate? Is Dog Chocolate Poisoning?

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate? Is Dog Chocolate Poisoning?
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Today I want to tell about can dogs eat chocolate with the help of a real incident. Lucy was in the living room and somehow behaved abnormally. In the middle of the bright carpet was a dark mass-vomit. Petra could not figure out what had happened until she saw the empty box. Lucy is a small, cheeky pear. He does not live long with Petra, his owner.

She had taken him over because the alternative was the care and shelter. So, she did not know all his quirks yet. What they were, they had to learn recently. It was a very normal afternoon when Petra came home from the office. But this time there was something different. Lucy did not fall to her like a madman to greet her, or rather to take her to the point that she had left him alone again.

Chocolate Can Be Deadly for Dogs

A pack of chocolates stood on the table. This box lays now in their individual parts decomposed under the table. There was nothing to see from the chocolates, except for a few chocolate candies on the floor. While Petra was still wondering what to do, Lucy surrendered another time. Then he swayed to the water bowl. He emptied them completely and then laid down on his favorite cookie.

The veterinarian gave luck all clear. The amount of chocolate that Lucy had taken was still in an area that was not dangerous. It was also positive that he had already vomited. Nevertheless, a corresponding treatment was initiated for safety reasons. Since then, chocolate has only been stored in sealed boxes at Petra.

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Ice Cream

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

Lucy was very lucky because chocolate is poisonous to dogs. So, no to can dogs eat chocolate. Dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate. The reason for this is the contained theobromine. It affects the central nervous system of the animals. First, the symptoms are not conspicuous. There are vomiting and diarrhea. Many dogs also experience a stronger urge to urinate and become restless. They drink an unusual amount.

In severe cases, convulsions occur, increase in blood pressure and pulse rate. The dog trembles are restless and have a temp-problem. The symptoms can ultimately lead to the death of the animal.

Is Dog Chocolate Also Toxic?

Why can dogs eat dog chocolate? Special dog chocolate is by the way not a real alternative. Do not get used to chocolate. Dog chocolate contains a reduced cocoa content and thus much less theobromine. For the most part, this chocolate consists of sugar. So, it is no wonder that dogs like to accept this treat.

However, the high sugar content naturally affects the teeth and thus the long-term health of your four-legged animal. There are healthier variants as a reward, for example as self-made dog biscuits. They contain much less sugar and do not guarantee theobromine.

Factors: Chocolate Poisons Dogs

How and how much the dog reacts depends on many factors. These include the age, the weight of the animal, the amount of chocolate the dog has eaten, and, of course, the type of chocolate. The theobromine content of the individual types of chocolate is very different.

Why can dogs eat white chocolate? White chocolate is harmless in comparison. Because it contains hardly theobromine. In the case of whole milk chocolate, caution should be exercised. In principle, the more cocoa is contained, the more dangerous the chocolate.

The following rule applies as an aid:

  • 150 g milk chocolate,
  • 15 g dark chocolate with 70 percent or
  • 10 g block chocolate

per kilogram of body weight have a toxic effect.

can dogs eat chocolate brownies

Symptoms of Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs

The first symptoms usually occur within two to four hours after the dose. However, even a small amount of chocolate, which is regularly fed will be dangerous to your pet.

The theobromine is degraded only very slowly by the dog body and by a running feed it accumulates in the body. This can lead to hair loss or make the dog more prone to worm infestation. In the end, this long-term gift can lead to death.

Poisoning in The Dog, React Quickly

It is therefore optimal if you give your dog absolutely no chocolate. For dogs that like to use themselves, you should hide your sweet supplies well, so that your housekeeper is not at all embarrassed. Of course, it can happen again and again that a dog comes to chocolate. If the amount is in the critical area, do not hesitate to bring your pet to the veterinarian.

If this is not possible at the moment, try to bring the dog to vomit. Afterward, you can give active cocktail tablets, which should not be missing in any dog pharmacy. These cocktail tablets bind poison and prevent it from being absorbed by the body. Despite these first aid measures, you should try to reach the veterinarian as soon as possible. The sooner a treatment is initiated, the better the prognosis.


Don’t ever feed chocolate to your dogs. No! to “can dogs eat chocolate?” Because Theobromine in the chocolate severely effects the central nervous system of the dog.  White chocolates and dog chocolates can be taken but with precautions.

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