Can Dogs Eat Cherries? How about the cyanide in the seeds?

Can Dogs Eat Cherries? How about the cyanide in the seeds?
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Many dogs cannot resist the small red fruits. But is this good when a dog eats cherries or even poisonous? In this article, we answer the question of can dogs eat cherries? Cherries are healthy for dogs but they can eat cherries with some cautions. Cherries are popular as an ingredient in delicious desserts.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries Pit

If the dog likes to eat cherries, this is perfectly fine. However, they should first be pitted. There are animals that collect the red fruits under the tree. This should be done in the sense of the health of your dog.

But Can dogs eat cherries pit? Do not crush the cherry pits, the reason for this is the seed or nuclei. If the dog swallows the seed of cherry as a whole, that is no danger. The pit passes the gastrointestinal passage without difficulty. Of course, there should not be large amounts.

However, if your dog crackles and bites the pits, the cores can become dangerous. Cherries contain cyanide, i.e., blue acid. If symptoms such as vomiting, saliva, fever, diarrhea or dyspnea occur after the consumption of cherries with cores, you must immediately consult the veterinarian. The poison can lead to convulsions and ultimately to death.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries

Sweet and Sour Cherries

The months June and July are considered as the main time of the local cherries. Basically, the two varieties sweet and sour cherries are differentiated. Dogs can eat sweet cherries and also dogs like sweet cherries because they are very much sweet in taste. Depending on the species, the fruits are oval, round, heart-shaped. The colors vary from yellow, orange to dark and black red.

Healthy Ingredients in Cherries

Cherries contain vitamins of the B group, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. For this purpose, Flavones and secondary plant substances, which are important for the immune system, are found in the small fruits.

The high-quality ingredients are ideal for young dogs. They support the construction of bones and teeth. Cherries can also help alleviate inflammation.

Can Dogs Eat Cherries

How to Feed Cherries Best?

If you want to feed your dog cherries, then these should be very ripe to overripe. Remove the stem, leaves, and pits. Pits contain cyanide so must remove it. Wash cherries in a bowl of water and not under running water. The water jet can cause the delicate skin to burst.

Unlike many other fruit varieties, ripe cherries do not follow. They must, therefore, be used quickly after harvesting. In the refrigerator, cherries last about two to three days. They are then quickly browned and unfit for human consumption. As you can see, your dog can eat cherries almost without hesitation. Let the red fears taste good.


“Can dogs eat cherries?” answer is very simple that dogs could eat cherries but in small quantity. Either cherries are the good source of vitamins, melatonin, and antioxidant but still, cherries are not a great treat for dogs as they contain very dangerous content cyanide.

Can Dogs eat cherries: Yes but moderately. Cherries pits, stem and leaves contain cyanide, therefore, dogs cannot eat cherries safely. If you want to feed cherries to your dog always take cautions and feeds them unprocessed cherries.

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