Can Dogs Eat Bananas? How Banana Should Be Given To Dog

Can Dogs Eat Bananas? How Banana Should Be Given To Dog
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Banana is one of the popular fruit. It is one of the favorite fruit of many humans. Banana is in yellow color, the vital source of fibers, vitamin C, vitamin B, carbohydrates, magnesium, potassium, copper, and biotin. It is soft, easily digested fruit made up of pure sugar i.e. fructose and sucrose which make it best source of providing energy to the body. So without any doubt banana is a healthy snack. The Question Here Is Can Dogs Have Bananas Or “Can Dogs Eat Bananas“?

Well YES, dogs can have a bananas but not as a meal on a daily basis. Banana is beneficial for dogs as it is a good source of fibers, vitamins, copper, potassium, magnesium, sugar, etc. Due to high sugar content in banana, it can’t be a part of the regular diet of a dog rather it can be used as a treat. Here are some uses of nutrients that are found in banana which will help you to get to know the answer to the question is banana good for your dog as a meal.


Fiber is a type of carbohydrates that can help in movement of bowel of a dog. It acts as an aid for bowel movement problems in a dog. It helps dogs in getting rid of stomach problems like diarrhea.

Vitamin C is a type of vitamin, which help in the preservation of cells in dogs and protect them from damage.

Magnesium acts as a source of building protein in dog’s body.

Vitamin B is a type of vitamin, which help in easy transportation of oxygen in all parts of a dog’s body and aid in improving blood cell functioning.

Potassium is beneficial for movement of blood in the body. It contributes to making muscles strong, in working of muscles properly and is also good for blood vessels.

Biotin is a type of vitamin B complex. It contributes to the synthesis of fatty acids and glucose.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas

Can Dogs EAT Bananas? Benefits Of Banana

Banana is known to reduce swelling, aid to weight loss, strengthen the nervous system, help in the production of white blood cell, reduce diabetes. Well, now the question is, Can dogs eat bananas as a meal?  YES, dogs can have as it has many benefits. If your dog is facing irritation in the intestine, stomach problems some vets suggest banana for a dog when they undergo such problems as it soothes the intestine and gives relief from stomach issues.

Are Bananas Good for Dogs

Here are some more facts uncovered about “are bananas good for dogs”. Some studies show that banana help in protecting dogs stomach from an ulcer, stomach wounds and secretion. Banana plays a significant role in the movement of bowel of a dog. It contributes to protection or removing bowels problems which some dogs face due to lack of fiber. Excess of banana can lead to stomach issue like Constipation as dogs do not easily digest banana. Constipation will cause dizziness, your dog will become weak, inactive, and sometimes such problems can lead to the death of a dog.

Quantity Of Banana Given To Dog

Half banana can be given to elder dogs once a week as a treat and a small piece of it to puppies because the excess of banana in a meal can be dangerous for your dogs. It can cause the increase in size and weight of the dog which can create a problem afterward. Due to heavy weight and increase in size a dog become inactive, slow, and weak.

Are Bananas Bad for Dogs

Some more secret uncovered about “are bananas bad for dogs or not”. Dogs should have a small amount of banana as the excess of it can cause heart problem and increase in sugar level in their blood. Banana has a large amount of potassium in it which can cause heart issues that can lead to the death of a dog.

Dog And Banana

Some dogs eat bananas very happily may be due to sweeter taste or due to the softness of banana. However, banana is not liked by every dog. Some just taste it and never eat it again. Some dogs trigger because of smell if banana.

Can Dogs Have Bananas

How Should Banana Be Given To Dog?

Banana for dogs are good but must know about how should banana be given to dog. Ripped banana should be given to the dogs. Banana should be sliced or mashed before given to puppies. Mashed banana can be mixed with dog’s food and can be given to the dog. Dogs should not be given banana as a whole because it would be harder for a dog to digest it and that can cause a problem. So banana should be mashed or sliced before giving to the dog.

Never feed your dog with unpeeled banana. Peel the banana before giving it to the dogs as the peel of a banana is not easy to digest. It can lead to acute constipation.

When Should Banana Not Be Part of Dogs Meal? Are Dogs Allergic to Bananas

If your dog is allergic, diabetic or his stomach is upset banana should not be served as a meal. Go and see a vet if your dog faces such problems. So must be known about your dog that are dogs allergic to bananas or not. If your dog is allergic to bananas then don’t ever fed bananas to your dog.

Banana As Other Treat Option

Banana can be used in a baked recipe for dog’s food. Mix the biscuit your dog loves with ripped banana and serve as a meal once a week.

You can make homemade biscuit including banana as an ingredient. Mashed banana mixed with plain yogurt can be used as a meal. Dog’s cereal and banana can be the best combination meal served in the morning once a week.

Banana Chips And Banana Bread

Can dogs eat bananas chips and banana bread? Well, Dogs cannot have banana chips and banana bread. It can cause stomach disorder as it is not easy to digest.

Deep fried banana chips can cause the increase in cholesterol level. It can cause the increase in fat in the dog’s body. Banana bread manufacturers add some ingredients which can be harmful to dogs in certain aspects so it can be dangerous feeding dogs with banana bread.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Have Bananas

As long as, banana is just a treat for a dog not a part of the daily meal. Your dog loves to eat it, as some dogs don’t like eating the banana, and your dog is not allergic to banana, there is no need to let your dogs stay away from eating a banana because of a banana act as an excellent source of nutrients.

Can dogs eat bananas? is easy too answer here at DogsOrb because it’s full of healthy contents like vitamins, fiber manganese, amino acids, potassium etc. So yes dogs can have bananas but with precautions because in sedentary dogs the sugar content of bananas causes the over weight, if you will over-feed it to your dog. We are always welcome your sharing about your experience regarding your dog and his eating routines 🙂

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