Can Dogs Eat Apples? Interesting and True Facts

Can Dogs Eat Apples? Interesting and True Facts
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Apple is healthy and crunchy food for dogs. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, phosphorus, fiber, antioxidants, pectin and some other essential fatty acids as well. These vital nutrients are beneficial for dog health. Apple skin contains phytonutrients that play the major role in preventing human and pets from the danger of cancer. Many people have the question in mind that can dogs eat apples or not.

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Dogs are naturally carnivorous they have not much need of apples in their diet. But the use of apples for dogs doesn’t create any problem. Apples are full of beneficial nutrients, so this thing makes them attractive treat for everyone.  If you are keen to provide apple to your dog, then it is your responsibility to select a good Variety of apples for them.

Can Puppies Eat Apples?

Yes, but it should be very clear to you that your puppy is old enough, and he can digest solid food. Usually, the puppies of 6 months old and below should be provided puppy diet according to their needs and age as well. If your pet is old enough and you want to give him apples then provide him only in the shape of slices. You need to make sure that slices should be small in sizes. Remember one thing in your mind that in the beginning, use the Apple after removing its skin.

Can Dogs Eat Apples

Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores?

My dog ate an apple core what to do? Apple cores are harmful to both humans and dogs. It contains seeds that are hard to digest. If you feed your dog apple along with core, then it may create indigestion in the stomach and will make it upset. This happens due to the dangerous content cyanide that is present in seeds. It is harmful to both humans and dog as well.  It is your responsibility to give apples to dogs after removing its cores. Use the apple in shape of a slice that is easy to digest.

Can Dogs Eat Apple Skin?

Many people often ask this question can dogs eat apples with the peel. Apple skin is very beneficial. It contains many vitamins, minerals, and soluble nutrients. These vitamins and useful minerals are vital, and they make the diet of dog more ideal, so it is important to understand that don’t remove the skin otherwise you will deprive your dog of real nutrients.

Can Dogs Eat Apples

Can Dogs Eat Too Many Apples?

It is an evident fact that “excess of anything is bad” so too much use of apples for both human and dogs can cause complications. As you know that apples are an excellent source of insoluble fiber, so it is better to feed the apple to dogs in a smaller dose limit. Don’t exceed its quantity according to the will of dogs. The dogs have a sensitive digestive system; therefore, it will create some serious problem for them. The excess amount of insoluble fiber develops constipation on some occasions

If you feed too many apples to your dog, then it means that you are increasing the amount of insoluble fiber in the stomach of the dog. The excessive insoluble fiber can trigger the stomach upset and in the result of that symptom of diarrhea can occur. Are Apples OK for Dogs to Eat? Apples are safe for dogs but keep in minds that don’t give too many people in the beginning.

Apple contains calcium, phosphorous, and fatty acids. When you provide too many apples to your dogs, then these nutrients disturbs the balance in the body and develops many symptoms in the body of dogs like fatigue, sickness and kidney problem. So it is crucial that don’t cross the limit.  Use one or two apples per day to keep your cute dog healthy.

Can Dogs Eat Apples and Why are Apples Bad for Dogs?

Despite the benefits of apples here are some limitations that are critical to remember.

  • Make sure that Apple should be seedless before feeding to the dog. For this purpose remove the core of an Apple. If your dog eats few seeds, then there is no need for worry because the dog can detoxify this small amount. The moderate consumption amount of seeds is not harmful. But if your dog eats plenty of apple seeds then this quantity of seed can cause significant damage to his health. Apple seed is toxic due to the content cyanide” which is present in seeds. Cyanide causes serious illness of dogs. So it is better to remove the core of apples before using them.
  • Don’t provide dehydrated apples to your dog. Because the dehydrated apples make the stomach upset and cause indigestion.
  • Avoid too much use of apple to your dog because it may create a serious problem for dog health.
  • Don’t try to feed apple to your dog when he has diabetes. It is better to consult a vet before using the Apple.
  • The dogs are having a kidney problem, should not be given apples because it contains omega six fatty acids, phosphorous and calcium that produce complications.

Benefits of Apples to Dogs:

 There are so many health benefits of apples to dogs.

  • The nutrients in the apples help to protect the dogs against joint and bones problems
  • Apple contributes to reducing the chances of cancer in the body both human and dogs.
  • The vitamin C in the apple helps to make the teeth strong. It also tends to improves fresh breathing.
  • Apples keep the skin coat shiny and prevent it from allergy. Apples contain omega 3 and omega six fatty acid that is very important for skin.
  • As we know that Apples contain essential nutrients so they are perfect for dogs and one reason is that they are little protein and high-fiber. All these make your dogs healthy and active.
  • The antioxidants vitamins and vital nutrients in the apple keep the dogs away from illness.

Lot of  questions about Can Dogs Have Apples has answered to day 🙂 After going through the entire article, I hope that you get the answer of question can dogs eat apples? in the article. If you have other friends who love puppies, then do share the details with them.

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