Blue French Bulldogs – Breed Information, Price, Facts, Loyal Or Not, Where to Buy

Blue French Bulldogs – Breed Information, Price, Facts, Loyal Or Not, Where to Buy
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The Blue French Bulldog has been the companion of many in England. This considerably rare breed was created first seen in the United Kingdom, being created with the intention of getting a miniature bulldog breed.

Blue French BulldogsAfter that, a group of French lacemakers took it to France then the dog owners and people started to call it “French bulldog”.

At first, he was used as a ratter but now has become part of many families and is currently a regular contestant in dog shows. As he is not a common breed, it is recommended to put it on the waiting list prior to the adoption process.

Contrary to what many people think; not all small-sized breeds are perfect for high-rise life. Some are too energetic which makes it difficult to take care of them. But blue French bulldogs are different because they are quiet, and always show respect towards your neighbors. It is such a calm puppy.

Blue French Bulldog Temperament

Some dogs are less complicated than others. Blue french bulldog is calm, sensitive and loving 🙂

  • They are easygoing.
  • They are not tough to train.
  • These amazing dogs “forgive” you for your mistakes and inconsistencies.
  • They bounce back with ease if dishearted.
  • If it’s your first time having a blue French bulldog, consider the fact that they are independent, very sensitive and assertive.
  • Sometimes, they are hard to manage especially if you lack experience. So, take the dog-owing experience as a priority.

blue french bulldog full grown

Blue French Bulldog Breed is Sensitive or Not

As said before, this dog is very sensitive. He may take a bad look to heart and you will realize it. If you are willing to get a teacup blue French bulldog puppy, make sure you don’t take him to dinner parties so often or make sure not to put him through a variable routine. He may be easygoing but he is hard to adjust to constant changes or hectic life. Think of it even if you have kids at home. If you are an assertive owner, prefer low-sensitive dogs.

Blue French Bulldogs

Why Blue French Bulldogs Can’t Be Alone for Long.

These bulldogs don’t tolerate being alone. When nobody is at home, they can panic. This is because they are the kind of dog breeds that bond with their families very fast.

An anxious dog can cause mayhem. Don’t leave him alone or he’ll start barking, whining and destroying your furniture. Whenever you need to go out, leave him with somebody else there.

blue french bulldog rescue

Tips for Cold Weather

Some dog breeds like Greyhounds suffer the impact of cold. This is because their coats are too short and have little body fat. If you have a French bulldog, consider buying a sweater or jacket for walks. It is also recommended to keep this breed inside the household, so it will keep warm and it won’t get sick.

Blue French Bulldog

Tips for Hot Weather

But if you live in a hot place like Southern California or Florida (or in an African or South American country) with hot weather, you should be extra cautious. Basically, you should exercise this bulldog breed less often a week. Teacup French bulldog puppies have short noses which make panting difficult for them.  As this dog is too sensitive to weather variations, keep him indoors as much as possible during humid days. Call your vet for more expert advice if it’s your case.

Blue French Bulldog

Are Blue French Bulldog Friendly With Kids And Family

As for friendliness, dogs like French bulldogs are not aloof at all. Furthermore, they easily bond closely to the people around. If you live with more than 4 or 5 people, this bulldog will be comfortable with them in a few months. It is important, however, that this breed is raised by one person. In general, this breed is friendly and soon goes into higher affection levels.

Blue French Bulldog

This breed is also friendly with kids. Actually, it is incredibly gentle with them. It likes running around, easy to handle by children, and bonds closely with them. It is the kind of dog that will run to your child every time he arrives home. Another dog breed considered good for children are Boxers, whilst Chihuahuas are not viewed as a family-friendly breed (surprisingly).

Whatever the breed type you have at home, you should always supervise your children remembering that these animals have strong teeth and jaws which they use in stressful circumstances.

Do The Blue French Bulldog Shed A Lot?

Ok, having this dog breed type in the house means having to deal with some hair on the clothes too. In particular, French bulldogs don’t shed all year long but seasonally. When they do it, they shed so much that you would think it’s a snowstorm of loose hair. However, specialists say that shedding varies in this breed. So, don’t get surprised if your French doggie hardly-ever does it.

Getting a dog that blows too much hair would be a problem for any “neat nick”.

Blue French Bulldog

Blue French Bulldog Health Issues

Blue French bulldog health issues are not very common but some dog owners have pointed out about the alopecia condition of Blue French bulldogs. Blue color gene is the reason for Alopecia. Dogs having Alopecia condition have hair loss chances, dry skin and damaging of skin cells.

Some dog owners also submitted about brachycephalic dog condition. The brachycephalic dog is a class of dogs which have respiratory issues.

So whenever buying Blue French bulldog or puppies must consider these two health issues which are pointed out by some dog owners but most of the Vet or Veterinary physician don’t agree and convinced by these health issues.

blue french bulldog health issues

Drooling Rate

Regarding the drooling potential of these dogs, it is low. You won’t need to worry about them leaving you wet spots on your clothes when they run to you to say hello. This is a dog with a low drooling rate.

Other Facts about Blue French Bulldog Puppies and Full Grown

  • Blue French BulldogThis breed doesn’t need to exercise every day. A short walk of 15 minutes on a regular basis is Ok. It’s a good way to keep them trim.
  • Supervise them closely during hot seasons. They overexert themselves very easily when temperatures are high.
  • You need patience when training a blue French bulldog. In this aspect, some are easy, others aren’t.
  • They do well in small rooms or apartments. You don’t need a large space to grow this breed.
  • Some of the most common diseases that affect them are hip dysplasia, brachycephalic, allergies (the three types of dog allergies attack this breed) and palettar luxation.
  • If you are surrounded by stubborn neighbors, this dog can keep you from having problems with them. They seldom bark which makes them a quiet breed type.
  • One of their favorite places at home is the sofa, but they also love playing around with kids.
  • A good side about them is that they keep you alerted from strangers. They know when and how to bark. For example: your bulldog will bark near the door when somebody is knocking at it.
  • Avoid overindulging them because they are kind of a territorial breed. Give them an inch and they’ll take a yard.
  • This breed thrives on human contact. They are evidently such loving animals.
  • It is true that this is a small breed; however, they shouldn’t stay at home with toddlers alone for long.
  • If you don’t live in a cool place, buy an air-conditioner or your blue French bulldog will get overheated.
  • Blue French BullDogs are very loyal and they never hesitate to show love for their family 🙂

Role of Blue French Bulldog Breeders in Bulldogs Frenchie’s Color Variation

French Bulldogs are Available in following colors as Brindle, cream, fawn, fawn & white, white & brindle fawn brindle, white, cream & white, white & fawn, brindle & white, fawn brindle & white.

Blue, grey, tan are the breeds of a French bulldog. Like Teacup Blue French bulldogs are breed designed and generated by Blue French bulldog breeders.

blue french bulldog breeders

Blue French Bulldog Puppies For Sale:

Where to Look for This Breed?

It won’t take you too long to find a good price. Gumtree is a website where people post services, products and dogs. On that website, it is possible to obtain a reasonable blue French bulldog price.

Another site to consider when buying this pet is On this platform, you can see all the miniature blue French bull dog puppies for sale plus reviews, pictures and videos. This website is highly recommended in Europe, especially for its owner, Ortencia, best-known for her way to raise and keep the puppies in the pink. is the best and quality choice.

Also, you can see a lot of mini French bulldog names to choose from. Take a look and pick the one you prefer (if you actually like one)

blue french bulldog puppy

Influential Elements and Blue French Bulldog Price Variations: Expensive or Not

Short and sweet, the Blue French Bulldog Price will depend entirely on these three factors:

  • Geographic location: Are you in England? Are you in the States? Keep in mind that if you are from Africa or Asia, shipping might increase the final cost.
  • Breeder: if the breeder has an extensive bulldog raising background, you must be ready to spend some other bucks. On Gumtrees, many breeders with no reputation put blue French bulldogs for sale and prices are not as high as on other websites where breeders do count on many years of experience.

Blue French Bulldog

  • Fur color: yes, fur color is another factor you should consider. In general, they are grayish, brownish and beige. Those are the typical colors of this breed type but grey ones are apparently preferred.
  • Availability: obviously, if this dog is hard to find in your country, the price will be high.

In a nutshell, the blue French bulldogs price may range from $1400 to $8000. Purchasing this puppy is not for somebody with a tight budget, indeed.

The Blue French Bulldog has been the companion of many in England. They can’t be alone for long. They are calm, sensitive, friendly with kids and other dogs. They don’t shed all the year but seasonally. They are available in around 7 color variations.

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