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How To Find Good Veterinarians

Veterinarians – How To Find The Right One

The best friends of man are his dogs, and the second best friends are the veterinarians. Whether a routine examination, vaccination, prevention, emergency or just competent advice around the dog care - in the life...

Indication for X-Ray in Dogs

The x-ray in dogs can be useful if the dog has pain, but the reason for the pain is not recognizable at first glance. If the veterinarian suspects that the cause of the pain may...
Ultrasound in dogs

Ultrasound in Dogs: Method for the Diagnosis of Diseases

An ultrasound examination, also called sonography, is a reliable method for establishing a diagnosis. The result of sonography is a black-and-white image. The bones are shown in the image black, liquid white, the different...

Treat Diarrhea in Dog and Avoid it

If the dog is tortured while doing his business tormented because he has diarrhea, the search for the cause begins. Is something hit his stomach? Or does he have an infection? We explain what...

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